The multi-hour warning strike of the security personnel at the airports of Berlin leads to significant limitations for the use of passengers. Numerous flights were cancelled, according to the flight plans of the two Airports, and many others have multi-hour delays. The workers came at 5: 00 a.m. in the strike and thus followed a call to the trade Union Ver.di, which has called for a work stoppage until 8.45 am.

the reason for the work stoppage are the so far fruitless negotiations with the Association of the aviation security company (BDLS) for the nation’s 23,000 employees in the air safety. The Union demands an hourly wage of 20 euros. 23. January want.di and employers re-negotiate. Until then, no negotiation offer should not be ruled out further strikes, said a Ver.di-speaker.

The Union spoke of a large participation in the strike. So to be in Schönefeld, all severance payments. A total of approximately 400 employees have been placed at both airports. In Tegel there were around 250, and Schönefeld is around 150.

A spokesman for the Berlin airports, described the situation in the Morning, however, as a “relatively relaxed”. Affected passengers were informed of the Airlines well in advance. At Tegel airport, 42 airport were cancelled accordingly, connections, long-haul flights were first released. In Schoenefeld, five flights had been cancelled, and a further 25 had been moved.

In the run-up had been expected that the work stoppage would at least make 80 Connections in Berlin – with cancelled or delayed flights. In Schönefeld should start at 10 a.m. the first planes. In Tegel was announced for 6.30 am, the first departure and 7.15 of the first arrival.


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