a Few days before the second anniversary of the attack on the Berlin Christmas market new Details for assassin Anis Amri. However, as a current opinion of the Federal Prosecutor General (GBA), which is the MIRROR, Amri had originally planned in the late summer of 2016, a bomb attack, together with the French Islamists Clément B. A police action against another man, the alleged manufacturer of the explosive substance TATP, have thwarted the plans. First, the “daily mirror had reported” on the paper.

The process throws a new light on the weeks before the Berlin bombing, on 19. December 2016, when the Tunisian Terrorist, Anis Amri a load Scheid truck in the Christmas market on the wide space controlled, twelve people were murdered and more than 70 injured.

it was Known that Amri had numerous contacts in the Salafist scene in North Rhine-Westphalia, lower Saxony and Berlin. In the radical Fussilet mosque in the capital, he should have also Clément, B. met. What is new is that Amri should have in common with the French concrete plans for an attack forged and at the time, oversaw the Berlin state office of criminal investigation (LKA) said.

Amri and Clément B. would have been between June and October, 2016 in “personal and telephone contact”, – stated in the notice of the GBA this week. And further: “According to the current investigation, there was in the late summer of 2016, and plans of B., and Amri to carry out a bomb attack in Germany using TATP without the stop project could be to the scene of the crime and the time of the crime specified.”


The man who was supposed to make the explosives, Magomed-Ali C., and comes from Chechnya. He came as asylum seekers to Germany. 28. October 2016, the Berlin LKA for him in front of the door for a so-called threat speech: The officials wanted to make the Islamists it clear that he was under observation. Little did they know, apparently, but that in the apartment is probably already a bomb has been prepared.

Suspected Islamist Magomed-Ali C. on the way to his Anhöhrung (August 2018)

the Islamist Clément B. is said to have then hidden in there undetected. He fled to France, where in April 2017 in Marseille, the police took. In the apartment, investigators found more than three kilograms of the highly dangerous explosive TATP, known under the Islamists also “mother of the devil”.

Since may of this year, Germany took part in a joint investigation group with France and Belgium, and on December 22. August in Berlin-Buch take the alleged explosives expert Magomed-Ali C. because of the “preparation of an explosion crime.” Against the Chechens, it is clear from the current GBA-note, is now going to the beginning of 2019 indictment. It is likely to be a highly exciting process.

“New, incredible details”

The files from the procedures could not be provided to the investigation Committee to the breitscheidplatz-stop because of the ongoing cross-border investigations, argued the Karlsruhe prosecuting authority. You but I want the members of Parliament, at least in the “basic information” that result from the procedure “compensation for the accused Anis Amri”, – stated in the Letter from the GBA.

the members of The Committee of inquiry has alarmed the latest twist. “It casts a different light on the whole complex Amri, if there was a further attack plans from Amri, which have been prepared under the radar of the security agencies,” said SPD Chairman Fritz Felgentreu. For the Green-representative of the investigative Committee, Irene Mihalic, “The story of Amri as a single offender will collapse like a house of cards. Only one thing is currently certain: Nothing is as it seems, and every day reveals new, incredible details and facts.”

“For months, tell us Federal authorities, anise Amri was in the fall of 2016 there is no identifiable risk,” says FDP Chairman Benjamin Strasser. “The fact that this Thesis is a fairy tale, you could suspect for a long time. Since this week we know that it is so.” It was fatal that the Federal government “had obviously a long time no idea” that Amri was planning to stop with TATP “and Europe was well involved in Islamist networks”.

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