In Berlin, was discovered on Sunday in a top of the line damage to a major railway line. Forces of the Federal police discovered between the Bahn to Karlshorst, and the Wuhlheide stations, and a smart tether and a damaged supply cable. Forensic technician of a stop on the Deutsche Bahn.

During the investigation, the officials have ensured more evidence. Including, among other things, also a flag of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IS) and documents with Arabic characters. If the flag and the Letter in connection with the alleged attack, is currently still open.

in addition, the investigators are examining a possible connection with the attack on the railway line between Nuremberg and Munich on 7. October. On the day the front window of the ICE had been damaged by a steel rope, the unknown perpetrators had stretched over the train tracks in the middle Franconian town of allersberg near Nürnberg.

In the vicinity of the crime scene were the next to several wooden and iron parts according to the Bavarian Landeskriminalamt (LKA), two Drohschreiben found a completely preserved and a Fragment. Also an Arabic Graffiti on a bridge pier documented by the officials.

to attack In the Drohschreiben in the Arabic language, the Europe-threatens-wide attacks against the train traffic, if the EU should not stop States, the IS. Whether the assassins of 7. October were actually in connection to the IS, or whether it is the free-rider could not yet be clarified.

From investigators circles it was said that the texts came from well-known Internet forums, are freely available and could easily be of any other use. Is possible that these letters were used to create a connection to the Islamist scene.


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