In the early hours of the morning took place on Saturday in Berlin-Mitte, a tragic accident. The police announced, raced a car driver at an intersection in the Gesundbrunnen in a group of pedestrians who wanted to cross the road. According to witnesses, he disregarded before a red light.

First, according to media reports, the driver was drunk. This is the Berlin police, in the meantime: A major alcohol control at the scene showed a zero alcohol level, the driver underwent removal later of a voluntary blood. He was heard and against payment of a security Deposit released.

The 30-year-old motorist was uninjured, the five pedestrian at the age of 28 to 31 years, were all seriously injured and taken to hospitals. A woman was in life-threatening danger.

the cause of The accident, the police spokeswoman, according to the, as yet, totally unclear, and investigations were. There are many witnesses to be interviewed from the accident the car is a technical report should be created. Further investigations took over the police. Thus, nothing significant is currently on a stop, all speak for an accident.


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