He accused Jews of the “ruthless pursuit of profit, and the work-shy” and the “Bleed out” of the “Jews boy wanted” at the time of circumcision: The Prussian official Christian Peter Wilhelm Beuth (1781-1853) was not only a pioneer in the engineering Sciences, but also an anti-Semite. Must be a man, namesake of a German University?

Because of this question boils up it at the Berlin Beuth-Hochschule für Technik. She has only adopted in 2009, the name Beuths, even before the allegations against him to a wider Public have been known – and is now under pressure: Should they rename it again?

In the Affected discuss since one and a half years and the 17. and 18. In January, at a Symposium. Subsequently, the University should be involved in a survey. The Controversial: on the one Hand, President Monika Gross emphasized, the discourse of “all members of the University the opportunity to form your own opinion.” On the other hand, those who are passed over for a renaming, feel.

arguments need “protection from the Public”

The sociologist and racism researchers Achim Bühl, has brought his opinion to Beuth in June 2017, the whole discussion is only in gear, is not up on a Podium. A speech is not a representative of the Initiative has been given to the renaming of the University, an Association of critical professors.

“The Initiative was also involved in the preparation,” explains co-initiator Matthias Schmidt, Professor for corporate governance and ethics. The University has offered, at the completion of podium the place of a student representative to exchange. The General students ‘ Committee and the Initiative was rejected, however. It was still “in the vote,” now the Bureau.

The Initiative to rename got to their own information, not even your own website. Instead, a narrow thesis paper on the official discourse page behind a password wall. Schmidt, outraged by The arguments of the Initiative would need “protection from the Public”.

the press service of The University, however, explains that the Symposium had already been in the summer of 2018 designed. Not to “this time it is the Initiative.” In addition, the allocation of sites through an internal procedure will be dealt with. The thesis paper is reported as “open to all members of the University”.

“Extremely crude theses”

Behind the password barrier to academic explosives lurking now. In essence, it involves primarily the question of whether Beuth was really an anti-Semite or not. A paper of the past presidents of the University, Reinhard Thümer, who was also responsible for the renaming in 2009, largely employed, for example.

His Thesis: Beuths public Act showing “a personality that does not deserve the accusation of anti-Semite”. Due to variations in the handwriting could be verified “or falsified” whether Beuth had in fact been the author of a particularly vile anti-Semitic speech and also a member of the corresponding society.

It is a speech, the Beuth between 1810 and 1816 stopped in front of the German table society, and the Bühl in his opinion, by 2017 quoted. Accordingly, Beuth mocked the Jews, and recalled that there were already in the middle ages for compulsory labelling for you, namely “yellow top hats”: “24 Jews in 1510 in Berlin were burned alive, were you like, ( … ), such as that the Jews deserve.”

Bühl see distinct approaches to the “eliminator of anti-Semitism” of the later national socialism. Thümers made submissions, however, the sociologist considers to be “unscientific, not proven, is entirely speculative and extremely crude theses,” as he writes in a statement. Thümer neither an historian nor a sociologist, with a doctorate in industrial engineering.

“document of the denial of”

in fact, Beuths Jews is documented hatred outside of the table. A proof about the historian Jörg Rudolph, and Christian Schölzel, which had contracted Large as the external expert: an opinion Beuths to king Friedrich Wilhelm III. to the year 1822. Beuth was then a member of the Prussian state Council and wanted to avoid an equality of the Jews. He was, according to Rudolph and Schölzel as a greedy, degenerate, lazy, and drive-controlled.

For Thümer such statements are, however, no “beuth cal specialty”, but merely Stereotypes, “in the whole of the ‘Christian Occident’ again.” Bühl wrote it in December of 2018: The second Thümer-paper is a “document of the denial of anti-Semitism Beuths that takes on conspiracy trains”.

The University held. Thümer have denied the “never anti-Semitism,” explains a spokeswoman of the press office of the MIRROR, “such a statement is defamatory”. Thümer self-complemented, it must be allowed in a scientific institution, “to Express doubts about a prevailing opinion, without that you will be defamed”.

is the name of the Unis University in Trier, Why not Karl-Marx-Uni?

In the armed switch on now more and more outsiders and provide Bühl back cover. Including the anti-Semitism of the Jewish community of Berlin, Sigmount Königsberg officer. He holds the Thümer paper for “problematic”. “That Beuth was an anti-Semite, has already been demonstrated by several scientists,” he says.

On Bühls side of a sociologist before had been attacked by a positioned proximity of Helmut Reihlen Beuths anti-Semitism did not mention in the first three editions of his great biography, but it is only in the fourth – in the year 2014. From Bühls point of view, a reason for the choice of the name of the University Beuth, nobody had a clue. This Reihlen says today: “I have found in the documents, of course, the ugly anti-Semitic statements Beuths.” His interest at that time was but a different one. “I have misjudged, how Central that is.”

On a nine-page opinion written Uffa Jensen, Deputy head of the center for anti-Semitism research at the TU Berlin. The opinion is the MIRROR. It says: It went to the past presidents, apparently, the sole purpose is to immunize Beuth against accusations””. However, it should be “dishonest to suggest alternative facts”, only “because you’re pursuing certain political interests”.

The MIRROR, the Mail, the Jensen on the weekend, the University sent. To compete “vigorously” Thümers “Exculpation attempts”, according to which, at the time, anyway all anti-Semitic. “It is precisely this Narrative of the historical banality of Evil, we try to counteract our work.”

Jensen will join the discussion this week at the Symposium – as well as Thümer.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.