banks must also set up, against their will, accounts for the anti-constitutional NPD, if it allows the other parties. The decision of the Federal administrative court in Leipzig, in a revision procedure. The NPD have a right to equal treatment, it was said to the grounds. This claim was, even if the party Constitution was pursuing contrary goals. Thus, the Federal administrative judges, the judgments of the lower courts confirmed against the Landesbank Berlin and its subsidiary savings Bank.

more than five years Ago had want to open the Berlin district associations of the NPD Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf and Tempelhof-Schöneberg a checking account at the Berliner Landesbank. This was rejected because they had significant doubts as to the founding of the associations. Such extensive content and party legal Checks not stood the Landesbank, founded the Leipzig judges of their decision.

The upper administrative court of Berlin-Brandenburg had established in its judgment in October 2016, that the claim to the opening of the account of the party law is to be inferred. The two district associations were not finally, in of a banned party and the Landesbank Berlin will lead also to the circle of associations from other parties current accounts. Because of the fundamental importance of the court had approved the Revision to the Federal administrative court.

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