passengers at the Berlin airports have to make on Monday to delays in focus. The Union Ver.di, the employees of the security personnel of Tegel and Schönefeld called on the weekend to a four-hour warning strike. The walkout was to begin on Monday at 5 am until 8.45 am. Ver.di had already announced in December that it could come in the January Strikes.

as a result, it would lead to a strong impairment in the clearance, it said the airport company. Affected are nearly 60 flights in Tegel and a good 20 in Schönefeld. The first were already cancelled on Sunday, while others reported on the website of the Berlin Airports, than too late. All passengers should inform themselves prior to arrival at your Airline for the situation, recommended the Berlin airport company.

criticism came from Lufthansa: “It is regrettable that the new year begins again with irregularities for our passengers,” said chief Executive Detlef Kayser. The German Airline cancels due to the abstention of eight Compounds: four flights between Berlin-Tegel and Frankfurt as well as Berlin-Tegel and Munich, Lufthansa.

The 850 affected passengers could use their Tickets to travel by train, it said. Because the passengers are likely to have “at this time probably no way to reach their booked flights”. Lufthansa customers could inquire under about the flight status. “Passengers have entered your data online, be informed.” Until Sunday afternoon, Easyjet, Ryanair and Aeroflot flights to Schoenefeld were deleted.

Ver.di: strikes could

With the strike to be extended, the Union wants to bring the employers to for around 23,000 Employees of flight safety, a negotiation offer. “Now it comes, the pressure to build up and to make it clear that the employees are also on strike willingly, that you are ready to go for their demands on the street,” said Ver.di-spokesman Andreas He the Reuters news Agency. Berlin am the beginning, there may be other regions would follow. The holiday time of the individual Federal States is, however,

the Association of The aviation security company (BDLS) had submitted the end of December, an offer should be excluded.di as inadequate rejected. The Union is demanding an increase in the hourly wage in the area of passenger, cargo, personnel and goods control at 20 Euro. A passenger handling agent in Berlin deserves.di currently 17 euros gross. The tariff negotiations on the 23rd. January will be continued in Berlin.

Lufthansa voiced on Sunday a lack of understanding for the call for a strike: “The escalation of this tariff conflict between safety service providers and the trade Union Ver.di with effects for many a Hundred passengers in Berlin, is unnecessary and annoying,” said Kayser.

it was Only the beginning of the year, the Manager moved in, the management Committee of Europe’s largest airline – as a consequence of the massive disruptions in the flight 2018 operation. Kayser is about coordinating Standards for operation in all flight lines of the group, i.e. Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian Airlines and Eurowings.


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