the election campaign in Sardinia, for the by-election for a vacant Parliament square. Totally uninteresting, boring. Until last week, a Pro entry.

One, of the stirring up for the past 25 years, Italy’s policy. With threats, insults, and bad Sex jokes. A, the power in this way. “82 years old I am now,” says Silvio Berlusconi at an election campaign appearance in a Bar, surrounded by people in a great mood, “and six per night, as before, not more I can do, after the third I sleep”. The people in the Bar laugh and half the country is ashamed of. There he is again.

3340 days in Power

Where was he ever really gone? Berlusconi’s career began while studying for his law degree (cum laude), ships as a vacuum cleaner salesman and master of ceremonies on a cruise. Later, he founded a media company, is a billionaire, for 20 years President of football club AC Milan and four times Prime Minister of Italy. For 3340 days he is the most powerful man in the country, by the way, eccentric party animal. What a CV!

in 2013, the fraction: for tax fraud, he flies out of the Senate, the political immunity is revoked. To him, first of all, long life is forbidden, a public office. Since Berlusconi is 77 years old. That was it then, thought the most. Especially since he will soon be moving on to the social services for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients.

Against the stars…

But that wasn’t it, quite obviously, still. The prohibition to hold public Offices, has now been cleared. He is allowed back in the game, is running as a candidate in the European elections at the end of may as the top candidate of his party, Forza Italia. In fact, he’s of course something completely different to assemble than the European Parliament. Because depending on the outcome of the European elections will also change the Formation of the Italian government. The has announced Matteo Salvini, Deputy Prime Minister, interior Minister and Lega-Boss pretty clearly.

Exactly the reason why Silvio Berlusconi is still “Cavaliere” throws, though has been taken from him the religious title of “knights of labor” for a long time, in the election campaign, as in his best old times. Because either his party then goes, or comes, at least a little bit, back to the Rule.

As of 1994, “when I decided to stop the Communists”, he wants to do now, the Five-star movement (MoVimento5Stelle) from the coalition with the Lega. The stars were even worse than the Red: “None of them have experience, no competence, no one can be trusted.”

…and against Salvini

Matteo Salvini

But the real opponents, Berlusconi has in his sights is the League chief Salvini. Because of him, not as the whole of the bourgeois-conservative camp to sleep. Salvini wool is a fear that many elected officials in Berlusconi’s Forza Italia, their party – and their Offices – easy to swallow. He offers a few word leaders in safe List positions in the Lega, the worry, and the thing was gone. The top people Hiking to the Lega, and the Rest of the party with draws or loses, in the absence of a Silvio Berlusconi – in the unimportance.

It has probably already been a secret Meeting between the Lega and Forza functionaries. However, as Italian media reports also Forza was-hope Giovanni Toti. The chief of regional government of Liguria is actually considered as a loyal Berlusconi-man. He has made as a Journalist career in the Berlusconi-television, and as a politician in the party. He belonged to the inner circle of Berlusconi, when he was still politically active. “No one thinks to leave the family,” says Toti, but adds: of Course, a divorce would also be “in the family”.

In the policy or in bankruptcy

The prospect of a Large-Lega worried some of the small entrepreneurs and also managers of large firms. They fear that an unfettered right of national and anti-European extreme rate in the medium term is bad for business. Italy lives from the Export and from the sympathy of the customers for “Bella Italia”. Italy export carrier – wine, fashion, drugs, cars – need a positive Image. Especially as the main customers, Germany and France.

that’s Why some of the protagonists of the citizens have-to-moderate Right in politics and the economy, Berlusconi to take an active return policy, persuaded, it is said. You should not leave the field Salvini alone.

More on the topic of Italy’s Five star movement, The dark side of the force

Berlusconi have long lingered, and is told, his family, and his friends had him advised not to. That may be so, but obviously he was flattered, but also very happy, asked again. Because Berlusconi since his entry into active politics is also always about his own business interests.

He was at the beginning, in the fall of 1993, “in the policy occurred, to defend his company,” said Berlusconi’s longtime Confidant, Marcello Dell’utri, later, in front of prosecutors. The construction and media Empire had enormous debts and, to date, always helpful political friends were due to a corruption scandal, in prison or in cover. Either in the policy or to the bankruptcy judge – the Alternative to Berlusconi said at the time. The other Familiar of those days confirmed.

The right Pair of: Silvio and Matteo

Quite so dramatically, it is now unlikely that the Berlusconi group is Broke. But the Berlusconi-could rich take damage, when the Roman policy, would be quite against its interests. It would be better, even in on the action. Therefore, Berlusconi gets. He wants to weaken the star, in order to force the Lega in a different kind of coalition: An Alliance of the conservative and right-wing forces, but with the inclusion of the less radical, more middle-class forces, that is to say: an Alliance with Silvio Berlusconi.

His chances are not huge, but also not equal to zero. Surveys from the first days of January show for the first time, a slight reversal of the trend in the case of the Lega: you no longer to take, but a little – one to one and a half percent. The Five-star movement loses more, is only about 25 percent of the vote.

the Salvini would not be averse at all to lead a pure centre-Right coalition. The current coalition with the Five-star grating in the daily strife, to virtually every Problem two different approaches. It would probably be easier in a Pact with Berlusconi’s Forza Italia, and the remaining five to six percent of the prized small parties in the right camp. It must hold only to the majority. Currently, this coalition computer was only at 45 or 46 percent.

Yet these Numbers come from the days before the great Silvio is returned. Let’s see how his threats, insults and jokes – demo kopisch first impact. “If Berlusconi brings in the European elections of 12 percent,” says Bruno Vespa, since 1996, the presenter of the most important and most frequently (four Times a week) political talk show on Italian television, “then he is for Salvini inevitable”.

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