To the Person Olivier Favre/ Bastei Lübbe Andreas Eschbach , Born in 1959, is a best-selling author of many Science-Fiction books, including “The Jesus Video”, “Burned out”, the “Out”series, last appeared “NSA” (Lübbe, fall 2018). He lives in Brittany. In his future, a new Perry Rhodan-novel: a 850 pages thick a Prequel to the legendary series, which appears in February in S. Fischer.

MIRROR ONLINE: Mr. Eschbach, write Science Fiction novels. We do it mostly just to have the next calendar year. You cast your imagination to light-years. How is that possible?

Andreas Eschbach: The life-long Training. I’ve already explored always liked Extreme rules, processes, possibilities. I’m not a literary scholar of home engineering, I studied aerospace engineering, for a long time as a software developer worked. Because you think hanging out in a larger context, feasibility, processes, and structures. I’m trying to construct my worlds in a way that would also work: as a tank filling system, or a nose wheel. It’s all a matter of prediction.

MIRROR ONLINE: your future novels are best-sellers. But why at all over over over the day after tomorrow to write?

Eschbach to prevent a certain development in the future. To say: Listen, people, if we make the next so-and-so, it on the and the. We want to do that? In General, the stories are written in such a way that the answer is: No, we don’t want to. Whether it is George Orwell with “1984” or Aldous Huxley with “brave new world”: It Appeals to the reader in a different direction to turn.

MIRROR ONLINE: So Science Fiction is above all a highly political?

Eschbach Exactly. Politics and Science Fiction are not too far from each other. For both, the question is Central: what’s next for us?

MIRROR ONLINE: ? What’s next?

Eschbach how Much time do you have? There are a lot of horror ideas, whether it is with a view to our environment, the climate, the supply of energy. Or networking in Social media. I’ve written a novel about the opportunity to connect brains directly to each other…

MIRROR ONLINE: … … the youth novel series “Out” …

Eschbach … but as soon as the novels were published, I heard that there are such experiments with rat brains, and when people was trying to transfer thoughts to each other electronically. What would result in the consequence to exist that we end up as individuals. In short: It is a lot of bad developments for the future are conceivable.

DISPLAY Andreas Eschbach:
NSA – national-security-office

Lübbe; 800 pages; 22,90 Euro

MIRROR ONLINE: Okay, write to avoid the worst. Now there is next to your oil criticism of the novel “Burned out” a whole series of Ökothriller, to the Anti-nuclear-Netflix series “Dark”. And yet, the hambach forest is cut down. The fictional Dystopias don’t seem to help, is it?

Eschbach Yes, unfortunately, the novels don’t change the course of the world, they can comment only.

MIRROR ONLINE: How do you motivate yourself in the morning to get out of bed?

Eschbach It is sometimes disillusioning. Especially when old discussions arise about the choice of computer. Everyone should know by now that it is nonsense to choose with computers. I have written a novel, and explains why. If then again, the same arguments come up, I do wonder: Okay, why am I writing about it anyway? It no one reads anyway. Or read it, to read it.

choosing a computer

MIRROR ONLINE: have you ever formulated: “The stories we tell ourselves about the future, may affect our future”. What are we supposed to tell us?

Eschbach It is dangerous to gloss over stories to tell about the future and the negative developments in, or under the table in return. If we assure each other that everything is fine, while in the Background the wrecking ball comes to us, we do Like us. So we prevent that we will take possible counter-measures. If we paint the future so black, that the feeling arises, you can anyway do nothing and then just does nothing, it is just as pernicious.

MIRROR ONLINE: Is the a plea for the Golden mean?

Eschbach no. Rather for the greatest possible realism. Just well-intentioned environmentalists tended in the past to exaggerate developments. If the projection would have voted by the acid rain-related forest die, we should have, since 1995, no more forests left in Germany. Such errors have damaged the credibility of the forecasts.

the forest to die (icon image)

MIRROR ONLINE: Where were you next?

Eschbach I was assumed, for example, that the atomic energy has no future. Since I have got it wrong.

MIRROR ONLINE: they also write many of the youth-Science-Fiction-series: What kind of world you design with this Knowledge to the next Generation?

Eschbach My most optimistic series, the Mars is as well-project: a world in which there are no value differences between the peoples, a world of possibilities in our present-day problems are overcome. There are still political disputes, but in a world government. There are still conspiracies, but you will be revealed. The Mars project-the world is one of equality of opportunity, one that has a future.

MIRROR ONLINE: So it is a utopia?

Eschbach My basic thesis is: Even if it should give us in a Million years yet, we are driven still by passions, noble and base motives in all of this mess that we call life. And that’s exactly how I equip my characters with all the human facets. Even if it takes place on Mars or in the Andromeda galaxy: It will not differ so much from what we know. Only equipped with other technical toys.

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