global life expectancy has increased significantly over the past decades. In Germany, the average life expectancy is currently 81 years – and the trend is rising.

However, with age diseases usually come. In Germany alone, approximately 40,000 people fall ill every year, for example, dementia. The American Professor of psychiatry, Gary Small, says, however, that it is in the hands of every person, how healthy he his brain keeps older and – especially – how well. He describes in his book “2 Weeks To A Younger Brain: An Innovative Program for a Better Memory and Sharper Mind” (“2 weeks to a younger brain: An innovative program for a better memory and a sharp-greater spirit”; so far only in English appeared).

the activity even play a larger role than genetic conditions, believes the psychiatrist. FOCUS Online explains the four most important steps of his “formula” for healthy aging:

1. Be active

as soon as in 20 minutes quick day the rich will Go to to prevent dementia. The risk of disease should be reduced according to Gary Small drastically. Physical activity releases proteins, the brain cells to stimulate, to communicate better with each other. Also the body is produced in the case of activity releases endorphins, which will in turn have a positive effect on the General mood – so happy and satisfied.

2. Eat a healthy diet

Who is in the middle of his life overweight, risking in the later course of his life to developing dementia. Small declared that people who reduce their weight, may find this after two weeks, significant improvements in your memory.

in addition Omega-3 fats from fish or nuts to help fight inflammation associated with a reduction within the brain. Fruits and fruit to fight oxidative Stress, which contributes to the wear and tear of brain cells. Here is the Newsletter, “health” subscribe to

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3. Avoid Stress

In his book he also describes the influence of emotions on the human body. Those who are ashamed of, for example, for something that often runs red. Small explains that emotional States can call a jumble of chemical reactions in the body. Who has a lot of Stress, pours out any amount of related hormones, such as Cortisol. This can not only damage the heart and stomach, but also for the brain. People whose brains are chronically exposed to increased Cortisol and, accordingly, have a higher risk for diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

tip: take the body down, by practicing sport types, such as Yoga or Tai-Chi or meditate. Likewise, positive contact with good friends, good sleep and a regular sex on the body. Because during orgasm, the body releases endorphins and other hormones, which have demonstrably positive effects on health, including the brain.

4. You don’t train your mind

Good contacts to friends only happy, but also train the brain. A ten-minute, sophisticated conversation can improve memory, researchers in Michigan have found. Those who also can be an emotional subject, reduces the Stress and protects the neurons in the brain. to keep

the brain on its toes, advises Small to play games and to travel. Both cells in the brain activate. Who learns also New – for example, a senior studying at the University begins, reducing the risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

Even in the digital technologies and Small will find something Good: according to him, there were games for Smartphones that promote the Development of skills such as Multitasking and problem-solving strategies. The Use of Online search engines could also activate neural circuits.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit risk factor for sleep: dream disorder, dementia, announces 15 years before jala brain of Alzheimer’s dementia prevention

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