Yuhan-Kimberly President Choe Kyoo-bok, left, Hunet Chairman Kwon Dae-wook, center, and Insung Vice Chairman Ryu Kee-yon

Chae, Ryu, Kwon win top prizes for 2019

Yonsei University’s MBA Alumni Association named three businessmen as its best alumni for this year and recognized nine others as outstanding alumni of the prestigious university.

The association, which is headed by Chairman Sul Do-won, announced Nov. 26 that the three grand prize winners are Yuhan-Kimberly President Choe Kyoo-bok, Hunet Chairman Kwon Dae-wook, and Insung Vice Chairman Ryu Kee-yon.

President Choe entered Yohan-Kimberly in 1983 and took charge of Korea’s foremost maker of diapers and feminine hygiene products in 2010. Thereafter, he has spearheaded the firm’s fast growth.

Kwon is the founding chairman of Hunet, the country’s top-tier online education company that debuted in 1999. The Seoul-based outfit has been praised as an innovative enterprise.

Vice Chairman Ryu is heading Insung, the country’s No. 1 manufacturer of steel drums. The company strives to become a global powerhouse as a competent total package solution provider.

The Yonsei association also picked nine other entrepreneurs to acknowledge their capabilities in such areas as marketing, IT, research, corporate social responsibility, and human resource development.

They are Muil Chemical chief Jeong Sang-jin, ANC SCM Executive Vice President Lee Sang-won, TCC Global CEO Nelson Hur, Laundrygo head Cho Seung-woo, Korea Seven Vice President Kim Young-hyuk, Jeil Seed Bio CEO Park Dong-bok, former Yanolja F&B leader Kim Jin-jeong, Plus-A Academy CEO Lee Jong-kwan, and Gumi City Geriatric Hospital’s Lee Joon-hwan.

Chairman Sul said that the association will continue to put forth efforts to recognize competitive businesspeople out of its alumni.

“There are many businesspeople who deserve our recognition. One of my jobs is to find out them,” Sul said in a telephone interview with Korea News Plus.

The awards will be given at the association’s annual meeting, which will take place at 6:30 on Nov. 27 at the Westin Chosun Hotel in downtown Seoul.