As a man, your wallet defines your status by being fashionable and functional. As such, you need to give it a second thought when flushing out your old-fashioned bulky and torn wallet that is held in place with the help of a few rubber bands.

Don’t you think such a wallet will undermine your personality? If yes, why don’t you try out  Kinzd bifold wallets or settle for the trifold wallet styles designed primarily for men? These two types of wallets come in handy to fit all your essentials without necessarily straining their capacities.

Anyway, your taste and style will definitely determine the choice of a wallet that will work perfectly for you. So, which way to go between bifold and trifold wallets? Find out!

Bifold wallets

You can easily identify a bifold wallet from the other products. These wallets are normally rectangular in shape and can fold in half.

In most cases, they feature open pockets for keeping bills and a few vertical or horizontal slots for credit or debit cards, receipts, and IDs. In fact, some styles come with coin purses already attached just in case.

These wallets are crafted from durable materials such as leather, canvas or even vegan. Regardless of the number of folds, these wallets do not have clasps but a few have hook and loop or zipper closures.

Trifold wallets

Just like bifold wallets, trifold wallets are also rectangular, featuring two flaps designed to fold at the center to make up a third of the entire wallet’s length.

These wallets come complete with one long open pocket that you can use to keep your cash.

In addition, there are several slots that are vertical in design for your credit cards, IDs and receipts. Trifold wallets are crafted from leather, vegan or canvas materials making them stylish and durable. Unlike bifold wallets, trifold wallets are bulky and heavy due to their capacity for cards and bills.

Thick or thin

The choice of your wallet depends on your preferences as well as lifestyle. Choosing a trifold wallet gives you an advantage of more capacity but it is heavy and bulky even when you place it in your pocket.

This factor makes it a wrong choice for your front pocket and that is where a bifold wallet comes in. Normally, bifold wallets come with less capacity but are always thinner, making them ideal for your front or back pockets.

Final verdict

Whichever type of wallets you choose, make sure that you consider your essentials at hand. Just take a few important items such as credit cards, some cash, IDs and driver’s license leaving the rest at home.

Whether you go for bifold or trifold wallet, you can rest assured that your choice will serve you better. Find those wallets on Carrywallet.

For your information, please refer to a consumer report (The 10 best Mens Bifold Wallets).