The Museum of the Bible in the downtown of Washington, is a mighty construction. Well 500 million dollars he has cost. Only in the autumn of last year, the exhibition was opened – even Vice-President Mike Pence was there. Among the exhibits are many pieces from the Bible and history, including ancient Scriptures are the dead sea scrolls.

But now the Museum needs to make an embarrassing concession: The technical analysis of a team of German experts of the Federal Institute for materials research and testing (BAM) had shown that at least five of the 16 scroll fragments in the Museum are fakes – they should be removed from the exhibition.

Jeffrey Kloha, chief curator of the Bible Museum, said in a statement that the Museum should educate the Public about the importance of the verification of rare biblical artifacts, and you are committed to transparency. “Of course, we had hoped for a different result,” – said in a statement.

Munich waldseemüller map Famous American representation is a fake

The scrolls belong to a collection of ancient Jewish religious texts. Was a part of for the first time in the middle of the forty years in caves on the Western shore of the dead sea in Israel today discovered. This extraordinary Fund of Hebrew documents probably goes back to the time of Jesus. It took decades for the more than 9,000 documents, and 50,000 fragments were completely dig out.

finds such as the scrolls, including the fragments are usually strictly controlled by the Israeli antiquity authority. But around the year 2002, a number of new fragments that suddenly appeared on the market, Bible experts were skeptical.

Because it is exactly in such ancient scrolls, religious texts are for collectors, very popular in the USA. That is why a group paid by Baptists, and to buy an Evangelical College in California, millions to the alleged original.


Finally, they arrived in the Museum. It was created by the Initiative of American billionaire Steve Green. The devout entrepreneur and owner of a furnishings and hand-chain has financed the Museum in Washington, and there are parts of his Green Collection, a collection of over 40,000 manuscripts, prints and other objects on the history of the Bible. It also includes a Bible, with “Apollo 14” on the moon, and a Holy Scripture from the estate of Elvis Presley.

However, because the Green made for the collection of illegal purchases, he stood in the criticism. So he made in 2010 about 5500 pieces from Iraq, including cylinder seals, or old clay tablets with Cuneiform.

science of Maya archaeology in Guatemala On the trail of the robbery graves

The findings were to have been smuggled, under unexplained circumstances, out of the country – may come from illicit excavations. After the US authorities had seized the pieces, they were given back in addition, Green paid a fine of three million dollars. Green was criticised to operate with the Museum of Christian Propaganda.

That museums and researchers fall for fake exhibits, from time to time. The Antiques trade is a worldwide multi-million business, according to the Mark is moved with fakes, and pieces from illegal excavations. Recently, the Bavarian state library had to admit that it is a famous America-map by the geographer Martin Waldseemüller is a fake.


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