Leihanbieter Obike wants to put away his riding unsuitable bikes from München – makes the promise so far, but no action. The economically ailing companies have sent a letter to the Bavarian state capital, said the city’s Cycling officer, Florian Paul.

The city reacted cautiously to the Letter, which was received in November. Previously, the company had not implemented their announcement. An appointment to which the wheels are supposed to be, says Obike of the administration. The company was working with “high pressure” of a solution, it means according to Paul in the letter.


In the Letter had no phone number, no E-Mail address and no contact person is noted, said Paul. As the sender, the Berlin address of the alleged Germany given Headquarters.

For each Bicycle that was not put away until the end of February, wool impose on the city a penalty in the amount of about 70 Euro, Paul said to SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Still about 1000 wheels lying around in Parks and on sidewalks, estimates of the Cycling officer. Obike was started in Munich, with 6000 to 7000 wheels. A temporary new owner of the orange wheels has disposed of according to Paul in December, many of them removed and more.

A bike dealer had offered also 100 euros for each when he delivered Obike. He wanted to count the money when buying a Neurades and the bikes keep, until they were officially taken disposed of or returned.

city Council wants to clean up

wait, The city itself must with their previously announced Sales, meanwhile, are still. The elimination of arrangement was not yet in effect, Paul. He expects that the authorities can move in March or April of the wheels.

In Hamburg had let the new owner thousands of unneeded wheels for about 70 Euro sell. The buyer will use, in part, as Privatrad. It has not even developed a small fan base for the cheap vehicle, even if it’s just comfortable (read our drive report here).

Obike was founded in 2017 and in several European cities, its rental bikes. Founder Shi Yi had spoken in July 2018 in an Interview by economic difficulties.


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