Who wants to be a psychotherapist, must yet to study psychology, and then a multi-year training saddle on it. Criticism of this tough and expensive training is not new. Now the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) has developed, apparently, a bill to change that.

For the profession to give it in future a separate course of study, as stated in the draft of the Ministry of health, the AFP news Agency. The new pathway provides for a five-year high school course of study of psychotherapy, which consists of three years Bachelor and two years Master.

the Content Overlap of psychology with psychotherapeutic training should be reduced. At the end of the study, there should be a state examination.

Recently, there had been discussions about the fact that people have to wait with mental health problems in Germany for a long time on a Therapy site, an average of almost five months.

The design for education reform was forwarded to the parliamentary groups in the Bundestag, and then to refer the matter to the government. About the project the “Stuttgarter Zeitung had” and the “Stuttgarter Nachrichten” reports. According to the Reports, Spahn wants to bring the law up to the end of the year by the Bundestag. The Federal Council also has to agree.

More on the topic of training to be a psychotherapist, Disappointed, frustrated, in debt,

can the study of psychotherapy according to the ideas Spahns for the first time in 2020. Plans for such a program, there are already longer. The previous black-red Federal government had announced in its coalition agreement, an education reform. The German psychotherapists Association welcomed a half years ago already plans for a private University.

According to the Uni-learning degree, prospective therapists currently at a private Institute, the seminars pay well. By the way, you need to gather professional experience: several hundred hours in a therapist’s office or in a facility, and mandatory internships in psychiatric hospitals. Not a few of the fault for this because psychotherapists in training are often paid poorly or not at all.


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