Who is Joachim Löw? For twelve years he has been Federal trainer, there are probably only a few Jobs that are more in the spotlight, but to know what is this, Joachim Löw, who really thinks the can only claim the least. Löw has often been with Angela Merkel compared. If there is a Parallel between the two, then the: Almost everyone in Germany never has an opinion about you, but the look behind the facade, behind the public Person, the grant, both as good as. A coach has a personal life, but it has remained private.

Mathias Schneider is not even trying to pretend he knows more than all the others. It is, rather, an attempt by the “Stern”-editor takes on more than 300 pages of his biography on the national coach. Schneider accompanied the now-58-Year-old whose life he has Known, friends made, Löw has collected over the years with his players – and coach stations, he observed Löw himself over many years as a DFB-Reporter, out of all of this, it is a Puzzle. But he never turns in front of the readers with the statement: I am doctor Knowall, and so Joachim Löw.

most exciting: The not-so-prominent Loew

This is extremely beneficial, anyway it is entertainingly written, reading has become of it, although with a shimmering benevolent views of Löw, however, Schneider explores the weaknesses in the Trainers, which are also the weaknesses of the people Löw. Be Procrastinating everything would run in some decisions, especially at the beginning of his coach career, his self-assurance ahead of the 2018 world Cup, that the tournament already. It did not go well, as you know, in retrospect. Not good at all.

About Löw, the Germany coach, thinks it is, the most to know: The self-determination of the young team at the 2010 world Cup, the semi-final disaster at the Euro 2012 against Italy, the Triumph of Rio, the crash in Russia, the eternal Scout Urs Siegenthaler on his side, löw handle in the step 2016 is Yes, the cutter is characterized of these stations is, of course, they belong to the national coach. Interesting he is up for it, but when it comes to the not-so-prominent Löw.


The national coach has many, reached almost all heights, Joachim Löw, however, is – according to the 2014 world Cup, many forget had gone through Deep. As a player, he was injured severely when his career just seemed to go. As a coach, he had to survive phases of failure, of unemployment. As Jürgen Klinsmann steered him in 2004, the DFB, he brought Löw at the time, from a sporting cul-de-SAC. No one would have believed at the time that Klinsmann had committed a future world champion Coach. He, himself, probably not.

löw heat tube is Freiburg, the black forest. Schneider chases the youth löw, the son of a stove-maker Hans Löw from the 2500-souls-village of Schönau. It is a small, sheltered world in which Joachim Löw grows up, Schneider describes this world with mild irony: “The village of the boy is shared, not in the East and the West, but, with regard to the football clubs. So it is something Serious.”

material for a new edition

football is already in his Childhood löw in the midst of life, and it continues to do so today. As a national coach, he commented, occasionally, social themes, to Integration, to right-wing extremism, but he felt in this role never. He feels only if he can talk about football. This, too, reads from the biography.

After 2014, Löw was a Superstar of the Guild, after 2018 it is for a lot of a on-demand, the skeptical eye, whether he will succeed to lead the national team back on track. Where Schneider makes it clear that löw’s Strengths in 2014 are basically the shortcomings of 2018. He has changed little, only the result was completely different. His confidence in deserving players, his Insistence on his own Conviction up to and beyond the limit of stubbornness, to pursue the supposedly-deserved staff – all of what the Team was once a world champion, had led the last of the preliminary rounds. With his 58 years, Löw must for the first Time as a national coach. If he succeeds, material for a new edition.

DISPLAY: Mathias Schneider:
Löw: The biography

Ullstein; 334 pages; Euro 20,00

The tried and tested, the Familiar, the fabulous, free-castle – this is perhaps most likely to be the key to understanding this man. Schneider scouted, therefore, in a consistent way, the constant speculation, Löw could eventually train a big club, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain. The weekly, daily Stress, the never-ending confrontation with a critical Public, the hours on the training ground, day-to-day – that would be nothing more for Jogi Löw who likes it cozy.

Not for nothing, he has a result of his failure as a Coach in Karlsruhe, Germany or Austria Vienna in the days work retracted. There is no Löw’more life than that of the national coach. With its breaks, its time to Fiddle around, to take his opportunities, leisure in the old country.

After 334 pages, you don’t know what these Federal trainers in the Innermost really holds together. But one seems to understand the public Joachim Löw better, his Rapture, his diffuse moments. What can help, after all, the German football seems to have to do quite a bit of time with him.

As a Christmas gift this literary tip comes a few days late. But, let’s be honest: Who would give to this DFB-year for his loved ones is also a Loew-biography?

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