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birthday sayings and happiness listen to the wishes of friends and Acquaintances to their glory days. In the case of "happy birthday" turn off many but on pulling. To many times have you heard this saying already.

This is the best birthday sayings

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"birthday recipe: 15 spoon joy of life, 250 grams of happiness, a pound of health, 15 drops of Humor! Happy birthday to you!" ("birthdays don’t count – they are celebrating you!" (Lo Long)"Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old." (Franz Kafka)"The Apple teaches us to understand the Best, the are always the tires." ("a Thousand colorful butterflies, wish you only good things, today is a special day, like happiness you give!" ("Smile while You still have teeth! Congratulations on Your birthday." ("grief is lame! Worry is blind! It is the birthday child!" (Theodor Fontane)"do You think that just because you have a birthday today, you’re something Special? – It’s not true. You’re always something Special!" ("We are not older with the years, we are Not counting new every day" (Emily Dickinson)"the years in our life, but the life in our years that counts." (Adlai E. Stevenson)"always remember: Old age is when the candles and cake cost more than the birthday!" ("happy birthday to you, wish a star that guarded you, a Laugh, which you like to accompany for a lifetime and a lot of sun in all your Ways." ("Celebrate your birthday as you’re on the world: NAKED AND SCREAMING!" ("a birthday is no reason to be older." ("Gold and Laugh can make the old age of youth." ("sorrow, was lame! Worry is blind! It is the birthday child!" (Theodor Fontane,"Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old." (Franz Kafka,"Should You call someone old, then beat him with your stick and throw your Teeth after him!" ("do You think you’re old? You’re not old… you were old, now you’re antique" ("I wish You for your birthday 12 months health, 52 weeks of happiness, 365 days without Stress 8760 hours love, 524.600 minutes of peace
and 315.360.00 seconds of pleasure" ( on the subject of 19 ingenious parents sayings that guarantees You Laugh will bring the students surprise teacher on his birthday. His reaction is priceless

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