Italy : Here is the red underwear on new year’s eve as a duty, then happiness and success beckon. Department stores and lingerie shops to provide, at the latest, shortly after Christmas, your Laundry delivery.

Austria of The year, it is popular to give away a lucky charm, about a little pig made of chocolate or Marzipan. The Countdown to the new year has expired, the sounds of the blue Danube waltz in the TV. On 1. February morning the new year’s concert of the Vienna Philharmonic is a classic in television. It is broadcast in dozens of countries.

Vienna Philharmonic

Greece : The families play cards and other games of chance. It goes: Whoever wins, through luck throughout the year. Whoever loses, has happiness in love.

Spain : new year’s eve the bells of a clock tower at the Puerta del Sol in Madrid, the country listen to the midnight television. To eat every sound the people a bunch of grapes. To bring the new year luck.

Puerta del Sol in Madrid

Bulgaria : lashes on the back with the “Surwatschka”, a decorated Branch of the cornelian cherry tree, to health and wealth. On new year’s day men in fur costumes as a “mummer run”-monster through the area and drive away evil spirits.

new year parade in Bulgaria (file photo)

United States : especially in the southern States are eaten on new year’s eve lenses. Because they resemble coins, they promise allegedly happiness. According to the rule “Nothing Goes Out” is allowed on new year’s eve nothing to leave the house, not even the garbage. If, however, threatens disaster.

Mexico : new year’s day, many Mexicans put a suitcase in front of the door, to bring many travels in the new year. The Luggage may also be Walking worn. In some regions, the dolls are burned, representing the old year.

South Africa : The people at the Cape to start with a kind of carnival to the new year. Highlight is the colorful parade through Cape town on 2 is. January. The spectacle goes back to the “Emancipation Day”, the day on which the slaves in South Africa were established in the 1830s.

moving in Cape town (file photo)

Philippines : new year’s eve jump to encourage children and adults as often as possible in the air to their growth. The doors and Windows and lamps, on windowsills and in all Trouser and jacket pockets, coins that guaranteed prosperity in the new year.

Not all of the new year starts on the 1. January – new year festivals beyond the Christian calendar. A selection:

Islam : In the case of Muslims, the new year remember to celebrate the migration of the prophet Mohammed from Mecca to Medina in the year 622. With the trip, your time starts. Muslims proclaim the beginning of the new year not with fireworks, but with traditional instruments. 2019 new year falls on the 1. September.

Judaism : Jews Rosh Hashanah (Hebrew: head of the year) to celebrate their new year on the first two days of the month of Tishri in the Jewish calendar. In 2019, the 30. September/1. October the case. The tradition is not part of that loaves of bread for the new year are permanently elongated, but round. This symbolizes the annual cycle.

China : Here the new year is the most important Festival of the year. It depends on the moon calendar and fall each year on a different date – 2019 to the 5. February. New year is all about family, millions traveling for the holidays back in their home villages. In the evening, all the Windows and doors open to let good luck into the house. With fireworks, dragon and lion will be welcomed by dancing in the new year. Many have around a week of work.


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