The number of domestic burglaries in Germany is estimated to have fallen by the end of the year for the third Time in a row. “For 2018, we expect a further decline in case numbers,” said the President of the Federal criminal police office (BKA), Holger Münch, the German press Agency. “The good cooperation between the police forces of the Federation and the Länder, and the measures include both prevention and law enforcement to pay off.”

The number of attempted and completed residential burglary was gone in the years 2008 to 2015, continuously up and had reached a worrying level. The highlight was finally, out of a total of 167.136 cases registered. In the year 2016, it was then for the first time, a decline that continued in 2017, as Germany still 116.540 cases were recorded. (Here you can learn more about the reasons for the decline.) The figure for 2018 will be released with new crime statistics, probably in the coming spring.

The insurers also expect a renewed decline. “Our claims figures for the first three quarters of decline,” said Bernhard Gause, the managing member of the General Association of German insurance industry. “The experience has shown that a pity richest fourth quarter is not over yet, but we do not have any signs of an above-average course.”

One reason for the decline could be from the point of view of the insurer, the higher level of equipment of households with security technology. Many people have used the state support of the KfW. “That pays for itself: Nearly 45 percent of the intrusion attempts don’t stop the perpetrators, if they come quickly enough.” However, break-ins remained a social Problem. “Because, despite the decline in the numbers of cases are too high, the clearance rate is too low”, criticized Gause.

the Following map shows the data from the year 2017:

So many break-ins there was in your Region

In the year of 2017 was the clear-up rate is just 17.8 percent, such as from the Federal crime statistics nationwide. This was only slightly more than in the previous year, with 16.9 percent. BKA-chief Münch promised: “The fight against housing breakage theft also continues to be a high priority for the police authorities.”

in view of the strong increase in residential burglary by 2015, investigators and politicians come under pressure to step up their fight against burglars. A consequence of an aggravated Penalty, in place since the summer of 2017 was trying to break into a private apartment, a minimum penalty of one year in prison instead of six months for convicted offenders now due. The punishment ranges up to ten years in prison.

By Michael Kieffer, dpa/hda

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