One of the most famous landmarks of London should make in the coming year in Paris – the so-called Black Cab. The legendary cabs are now driven with electric Motor and come from the British manufacturer, the London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC). “Many French cities suffer from air pollution. We are glad that we are able to offer drivers and passengers new opportunities in Paris,” said LEVC-boss Chris Gubbey. Was the aim of the Start-up for the first half of the year.

The company belongs to the Chinese Geely group, which now has substantial interests in the automotive industry. Geely is owned by Volvo, Daimler and the Chinese hold just under ten percent. The beginning of 2013, they saved the Black Cab with the Acquisition of the former producers, since they strive for a worldwide Expansion with the vehicles. Known plans for Oslo and Berlin. In the districts of Hamburg Lurup and Osdorf, the companies are testing jointly with the Deutsche Bahn subsidiary ioki already a Shuttle on offer, the people with similar goals transported together in LEVC vehicles.

LEVC is the fact in the Hand that many cities already have call of driving bans for Cars with a combustion engine or plan. Especially older cars with Diesel are affected due to their high nitrogen dioxide emissions. The Black Cabs remained unaffected by driving with the electric motor.

passengers will enjoy plenty of space in the Black Cab


The passengers like the cars. Not only because of their nostalgic Designs, but also because they are in the interior, plenty of space, and equipped with the latest technology. USB ports and Hotspots are part of the Service for the passengers. The electric range is about 130 kilometers, but it can be with a Range Extender, a small combustion engine that drives a Generator, to more than 600 kilometres increased. In London the price for a Cab is the equivalent of approximately 60,000 Euro.


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