In the night of Wednesday had agreed in the CDU and greens in Hesse in Detail about the continuation of the black-green coalition, the related contract is signed.

The two negotiating delegations signed him in the Landtag in Wiesbaden. The coalition agreement includes almost 200 pages, it bears the title “on the move in the change by attitude, orientation, and Cohesion”.

The bodies of the two parties had agreed on the previous day the contract. The objective of the coalition have to get through the party days impressive support, said Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU). The Deputy Green-Prime Minister Tarek Al-Wazir said, the contract carrying the spirit of “reason and passion”.

one of the cornerstones:


the CDU and the greens want to create in the next five years, 1000 for the police . The greater part of the additional staff is provided for the prison service. Also an Expansion of video surveillance “special hazard places” is planned.


Stricter rules for asylum seekers who come into conflict with the law. You will be in one of the country’s facilities for the Initial reception accommodated. Al-Wazir said that, in principle, all refugees should be made as soon as possible distributed to the municipalities. Who doesn’t stick to the rules, must remain in the reception facility or to return there.


The Expansion of all-day schools in Hesse should be in the next five years, driven. The goal is a reliable education and care services between 7.30 am and 17.00 PM, as from the contract. Children in primary schools should receive an additional hour of English lessons. The method “after” will Write the curricula, the disappearance . The view of Black-and-Green, it is not suitable for children is a good spelling to teach.


The topic of Housing will in future be hosted by the Ministry of the economy and should be significantly strengthened. Black-Green is the wants to increase Funding for social housing – from EUR 1.7 billion to EUR 2.2 billion for the years 2019 to 2024. The government give the promise that every request will be approved for the construction of affordable housing. The communities are to get new incentives for more land to be shown.


Black-and-Green of the doctrine is to promote to the Hessian universities with additional Professor. In a first step, should be according to the coalition agreement, 129 posts for professors universities for applied Sciences made permanent . With 300 + of the Hessian universities, the ratio of teachers to students better.

Black-ruled Green since the beginning of 2014 in the state of Hesse. The new government could at 18. January 2019 at the inaugural session of the Landtag to the office. With 69 Seats, Black-Green in Germany, a majority of exactly one vote. The Koalitionären choice of hoped-for re-Bouffiers to the Prime Minister, therefore, could be exciting.

state elections in Hesse in 2018, the Final result is the second outcome of vote shares in % CDU, 27 -11,3 SPD 19,8 -10,9 Green And 19.8 +8.7 The Left 6,3 +1,1 FDP 7,5 +2,5 AfD 13,1 +9 Other 6,5 +0,9 distribution of seats a Total of: 137 majority: 69 seats 9 29 29 11 40 19 to The Left (9) SPD (29) Green (29) FDP (11), the CDU (40) AfD (19) source: Country choice head results in Detail

Because of the change in power relations will have to get the Green in the new Hessian state government of additional responsibilities. So far, the party, with economic and transport Minister, Al – Wazir, as well as environmental Minister Priska Hinz, the two members in the Cabinet of Prime Minister Bouffier. In the future state government in the allocation of portfolios as follows:

Prime Minister: CDU Deputy Prime Minister: Green head of the state Chancellery: the CDU, Europe, Federal councillor and representative to the Federation: CDU Digital development: CDU party Finance: the CDU Interior and sports: CDU culture: CDU justice: CDU economic, energy, transport and Housing: Green, environmental, climate protection, agriculture and consumer protection: Green social Affairs and inclusion: Green science and art: Green

The CDU was at the time of the vote on the 28. October remained the strongest force in the state of Hesse. In comparison to the previous parliamentary election, the Christian Democrats do, however, slid by 11.3 percentage points and came to only 27.0 percent of the votes. The Green rose by 8.7 percentage points to reach 19.8 percent.


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