A customer checks the history of the “Wanbyuk-han” beef with her mobile phone. Photo courtesy of uLikeKoera

uLikeKorea braces for cutting-edge technology for Hanwoo

South Korea’s uLikeKorea announced on Sept. 16 that the Seoul-based company had launched a block-chain technology for its Hanwoo, or Korean beef, brand dubbed “Wanbyuk-han (meaning perfect in Korean).”

The outfit said that its transparent trace system for livestock shows accurate health, management, and processing history to open a new chapter in offering Korean beef.

uLikeKorea noted that it also used the Livecare capsule system to monitor the quality of its cow. Included in its priorities is to control the quality of beef like fat content, known as “marbling.”

The company said that its farm south of Seoul uses the Livecare capsule system to collect bio data from the cows to detect diseases such as indigestion and bloated stomach before any symptoms arise so that early detection and early treatment can be conducted.

These diseases can interfere with the healthy development process, and by using the Livecare smart healthcare system, healthier cows can be raised.

“We launched the ‘Wanbyuk-han’ brand using cows raised from our Blockchain Livecare Farm #1, and through this, we aim to offer a new standard for hanwoo beef. The standard for ‘Wanbyuk-han’ beef is not just based on fat content, but on the health history (never been sick, etc.) and cows that grew up happy and healthy,” uLikeKorea CEO Kim Hee-jin said.

“The ‘Wanbyuk-han’ beef is truly a Hanwoo brand that can be trusted by consumers to be safe and healthy. The relevant patents and trademark have been filed.”