Blockchain veteran David Atkinson has decided to join South Korea’s Bloom Technology as an advisor of the company’s blockchain platform. Photo courtesy of Bloom Technology

David Atkinson gets aboard Korean startup

South Korean startup Bloom Technology announced on May 11 that blockchain industry veteran David Atkinson had decided to join the company in Pangyo, south of Seoul.

Bloom said that Atkinson would work as an advisor of its blockchain platform, called Locus Chain.

“I’m delighted to be an advisor to Locus Chain, a public blockchain with overwhelming performance, low cost, full decentralization, and unlimited scalability, and I’m excited to play a role as the advisor,” Atkinson said in a statement.

“I expect Locus Chain to be recognized around the world with a number of outstanding layer-two projects operating on Locus Chain,” he said.

The layer-two solution is off-chain blockchain technology, which is geared toward enhancing the capacity of blockchain transactions while keeping the benefits of decentralization.

Atkinson is a co-founder of BlockLeaders, which covers news articles about initial coin offerings, angel investors, and regulators in the blockchain industry.

In 2017, he created Holochain, which enables users to have their own chains to add data, including financial transactions. The chains are designed to merge, split, and interact.

He also co-founded SL2 Capital, a venture capital specializing in investment in blockchain, distributed ledger technology, metaverse, and non-fungible token.

An NFT is a virtual asset stored on the blockchain. Early last year, NFTs caught global attention after Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s first tweet as an NFT sold for almost $3 million.

Bloom CEO Lee Sang-yoon said that Atkinson would help the firm further enhance the technological competitiveness of its Locus Chain.

The company has claimed that its Locus Chain is a public blockchain with commercial viability as it solved the scalability problem of traditional blockchain platforms _ the slow transaction speed.

“Many corporations have competed to develop a blockchain technology, which enables fast transactions,” Digital Finance Research Institute chief Moon Young-bae said in a phone interview.

“Locus Chain is one of the leaders. More advanced technologies would come to town across the world,” he expected.

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