The German aid organisation, Sea Watch has turned on because of her blocked the rescue ship, the European court of human rights. “We have launched in the name of the Crew and Rescued (…) a fast-tracked,” said spokesman Ruben Neugebauer. Still 47 migrants on Board of the ship. The Crew of the “Sea-Watch 3” was recovered eleven days ago, in front of the Libyan coast.

Currently, the “Sea-Watch 3 anchored” in front of Sicily, Italy refused, in spite of a heavy Storm, the arrival of the ship and the reception of refugees. Interior Minister Matteo Salvini is the fact that the Netherlands or Germany to take the refugees in. Also an appeal to the UN had remained without consequences.

The ship sails under the Dutch flag, but also the Netherlands does not want the refugees to the country. Without a “comprehensive solution” is not The Hague, for the reception of the refugees, said a spokesman for the Dutch Ministry of justice, the AFP news Agency.

The Dutch migration Minister Mark Harbers had declared at the weekend that the crew had taken “on its own Initiative,” towards the migrants. It is therefore the responsibility of the captain to find a port for the Rescued. Also, the Federal government had refused to accept the refugees for the time being.

Sea Watch described the Situation of migrants on Twitter as a “political hostage”. “Don’t forget you”, called, the auxiliary organization.

Only a few weeks ago, 49 refugees had gone to a week-long Odyssey in Malta to the country.


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