The First will be Last. In the car world the BMW developers pain to get this knowledge for years to feel, especially if you earn your money in the case of the M GmbH. While the competitors in the Mercedes subsidiary, AMG will bring a self-made sports car after the other on the road, and even the otherwise under-cooled Audi brand as something Exclusive, such as the R8 may make, remains Bayern’s only the thorough finishing of the series models.

in This case, the M GmbH was with the legendary M1, but the first tuner that has brought a truly Autonomous car on the market. Unfortunately is the end of it now, almost 40 years ago. Since then, the Fans of a successor who is more worthy than the romantic Z8 or the futuristic and the way they drive rather half-assed i8 dreaming.

In these days, the Munich-based full-throttle group carries a broad and contented Smile on his face. Because at least through the back door, the advocates of the unadulterated joy of Driving coming up, now is actually the goal.

the new 8 If in a couple of weeks with prices starting at exactly 100,000 Euro at the Start, although that’s still not a thoroughbred sports car, but more of a Gran Turismo. In addition, the PS must-purists, a six-cylinder Diesel and in the new year in addition to the just as suitable, convertible and even a four-door Gran Coupé endure. But with the M850i for 125.700 Euro BMW builds for the first Time in decades, once again a car that can compete with the Porsche 911 – not to mention the AMG GT.

This applies not only to the Design of the extra-wide flat man, with the muscular hood, and the two humps on the roof just as potent as provocative, with Lust and power plays, and especially from the rear, when one of the 8 has overtaken, similar to that of naughty and nasty acts like an outstretched middle finger, it’s just that you put him before, in a velvet glove.

the Hand like a 4, but twice as much

This is especially true for Driving: The coupe is with its 530 horsepower and 750 Nm of powerful eight cylinders of 4.4 liters on the Straight, quickly and sprints at full speed in 3.7 seconds, faster than many a real sports car from 0 to 100 km/And if there is an obligation for all BMWs weren’t for this stupid self on this side of the real M-models, would not be quite safe also at 250 cases conclusion.

For a car its size is of 8, which is, strictly speaking, actually a GT, and surprisingly handy, and agile, and actually has the makings of a race car. If he sucks like a Dyson on the Asphalt and the curves, cuts like a hot knife through soft Butter, then the Bavarians conceal his almost five feet and his nearly two tons, anyway, is extremely effective – even if you drive a high cost.

A four-wheel drive, and, whenever possible, of the rear axle, the advantage of an electronically controlled limited-slip differential in the rear, the all-wheel steering and a very precise, very direct vehicle guidance – since the 8 is on the road almost as handy as a 4 – only that he will soon be twice as much vapor.

The Only thing missing is the 8 a real sports car, the are a certain amount of exclusivity and a higher top speed. However, for both there is relief in sight. Finally, a M8 hot, you may justifiably to 650 HP and more than 300 km/h estimate to be running in Garching already.

Clearly, this is not true and, above all, stand-alone sports car. However, after 37 years of waiting, you have to be likely to be satisfied. More is not to be expected in times such as these, from Munich, apparently.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.