In a Heidelberg high house shot and killed a 71-Year-old first findings of the police, according to his wife and the adult son of the couple. After that, he should have killed himself. To the background fact, it is not yet known.

informed the police, investigators found in the apartment with a gun. According to the police, all the bodies had gunshot wounds. The pensioner had the gun for a weapons possession card, a permit for purchase and possession permit, subject to weapons.

A local resident had heard on Tuesday night shots and dialed. Then, a special operations command advanced to the high house in the district of Emmert reason. Forces broke about half an hour after midnight, the door to the apartment of the married couple in the 15. Floor. There, the police officers discovered the three dead – the 43-year-old son of the couple, whose 75-year-old mother and the father.

search of the subject

The son lived, according to the investigator with his parents. The subject and the details of to the fact you would still have to be clarified, said a police spokesman. Crime technicians were at the scene.

The area around the building was temporarily cordoned off on a large scale. Emmert basic is regarded as a social focal point. Of the approximately 200-acre district is located to the Southeast of the old town of Heidelberg.

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