The U.S. Delegation wanted to at least maintain the appearance of harmony: A spokesman of the security adviser John Bolton praised the obligation guilty of “productive discussions”, after his boss had discussed on Tuesday in Ankara with Ibrahim Kalin, the spokesman of the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, about the war in Syria. You’ll continue the dialogue.

The government in Washington, had applied to Turkey, by providing a rapid withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria last question. In the process, President Donald Trump had announced a deduction after a telephone conversation with Erdogan in December. US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo stressed now, last, US soldiers would remain in Syria until guaranteed is that Turkey no Kurds “slay”. This was not in Ankara, not good.

Bolton should now limit the damages that Trump, through his zigzag course. But already on Tuesday morning, it was clear that his Mission is failed for the time being.

at Almost the same time to the Meeting between Bolton and Kalin, Erdogan spoke to the members of his group. It was a rant. The allegation that the Turkish military will take Kurds into the visor, was the “lowest, unehrenhaf most, ugliest, most banal slander at all,” said Erdogan. But also: “If (the Americans) expect that we bow to terrorists, you’re wrong.”

The United States and Turkey have been squabbling for months over the handling of the Kurdish militia YPG. The Americans have fought in Syria, together with the YPG against the so-called Islamic state. Erdogan, by contrast, considers the YPG as a Syrian offshoot of the guerrilla organization PKK, classified by Turkey as well as Europe and the United States as a terrorist organization. Only a year ago, Turkish soldiers had advanced into the Syrian city of Afrin, in order to expel YPG fighters from the border area. Now the Turkey would extend the Operation to the North-East of the country.

For Bolton, the President has no time

Bolton should ensure at the time of his visit, that Turkey apart even after the withdrawal of the Americans from further military operation against the YPG in Northern Syria. In the border region and instead could, considering American Official, a buffer zone arise from the YPG volunteer.

Now, however, Bolton leaves the Turkey more or less empty-handed. Erdogan reiterated that Turkey’s plan in Syria to invade. “We will do whatever is necessary to kill the terrorists,” he said. A Meeting with Bolton, the Turkish President refused.

More on the subject of Pompey and Bolton in the Middle East Trumps cleanup command

Trump praised just for his “wise” and “courageous” Syria strategy. However, his erratic policies have exacerbated the Chaos in the Region. Neither Turkey nor the YPG or anyone else is willing to rely on the words of the US President. “There is absolutely no Plan. Only dysfunction”, writes Aaron Stein, a middle East Director at the us Foreign Policy Research Institute.

The Kurds had Syria’s dictator, Bashar al-Assad asked, already at the end of December to help against Turkey. The Syrian military then announced to the troops in the town of Manbij moved the state so far under the control of the YPG.

Erdogan has complicated the Situation in Syria: He now needs to convince the US of the need for a military strike against the YPG, but also Assad’s main allies: Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

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