is The warning of a caller had proved to be “fictitious”, police said in the evening. On the premises of Movie Park nothing Suspicious had been found. The caller contacted late in the afternoon, the Movie Park and Point to a threat spoken. “The caller has threatened,” she said. An acute risk was not apparent.

the Background of the call could be according to the investigators, a private dispute. Probably should be spoiled by the warning to visitors of the amusement Park, “the evening,” said the police. Because of the false distress call, a criminal case was initiated. Whether or not the call was given to recognize the employees of the Park or the police, wanted to say spokesperson of determination tactical reasons, at first. The investigation is still ongoing.

as a Precaution, the Park for visitors has been suspended. Only when no guests were on the premises, known gave the police the reason for the evacuation. The visitors had to be calm and disciplined in responding to the calls of the workers and speakers, asking to Leave the Parks, it said.

Shortly before 21 o’clock on the Friday evening there were no customers therefore no longer on the site, on this evening a “Halloween Horror Festival”, “spooky attractions and Shows” on the program. The Movie Park in the neighbourhood of Kirchhellen is a theme Park with a focus on the theme of the Film.

In the Kölner Express, Kölner police chasing speeders and even great dangers from flr/dpa, AFP Bottrop in

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