Shown above is Buddhist National Treasures of Korea, a 2022 book published by the Association of Korea Buddhist Orders. Photo courtesy of the Association of Korea Buddhist Orders

The nation’s Buddhist treasures highlighted in English

South Korea ‘s culture and heritage cannot be understood without Buddhism because out of 10 national treasures of South Korea, almost six are related to the religion.

But foreigners have complained that the country lacks books coming up with a comprehensive catalog about the Buddhist artifacts in English.

Against this backdrop, the Association of Korean Buddhist Orders has published “Buddhist National Treasures of Korea,” which offers explanations of such artifacts.

The association noted that the new book would help people better understand rare Buddhist artifacts without having to visit museums or temples in person.

Up to 2,000 copies of the book will be distributed to Buddhist temples and foreign embassies in Seoul. It provides detailed explanations both in Korean and English.

The association has put forth efforts to promote the country’s Buddhist culture by releasing books in various fields since its establishment in the late 1960s.

“Readers can easily understand the specific features of the nation’s national treasures related to Buddhism,” an official of the association said. “In addition, they can catch the trend of the Buddhist culture throughout the country’s long history.”