saving prices and 19-Euro Tickets have given the German railway, according to a report in the past year, a new passenger record in long-distance transport. The company have surpassed the record level of 142 million passengers from 2017, once again, reports of the Newspapers of the Funke media group. The revenues in the long-distance passenger transport, therefore, rose by almost 300 million euros to about 4.5 billion euros.

The exact balance figures for the railway published in March. Recently, there had been criticism of the pricing policy of the group. It could not be the normal case, to drive for 19 euros across Germany, criticised the railway Commissioner of the Federal government, Enak Ferlemann (CDU). He has brought to the financing of investment with higher ticket prices into the conversation. In contrast, the Greens have warned that higher prices kept travelers from using the train.

More on the topic of Late trains, broken equipment, lack of personnel, What in the case of the Deutsche Bahn everything is going wrong

The railway is in a deep crisis. Broken equipment, delays, and a lack of personnel, the brakes on the group. The company now wants to increase the staff. According to the report, the railway wants to hire this year, about 22,000 new employees. About a fifth of them to be apprentices, in 2000 a new driver to come to the station. Overall, the railway employees in Germany currently 205,000 people.

Also the issue of unreliability and delays to the very top of the Agenda. In the past year have failed at the track, on average, just under ten long-distance trains daily without replacement. The company informed. This number corresponds to around 1400 ICE, IC and EC daily, and a failure rate of 0.7 percent. Throughout the year, there were according to train information some 3,500 long-distance trains, which is not set off from the planned starting station.

Recently, the train had already reported that in the past year in long-distance traffic approximately two percent of all the holding stations are not achieved. In this statistics, those trains were, for example, only a part of the planned route. The reason for the failures, technical failures, or blocked routes to the storms were often.


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