In the Spanish municipality of Totalán forces continue to search for a two-year-old boy should be brought down only two days ago when Playing in a more than one hundred meters deep borehole.

You’ve decided to dig a slope from a horizontal Tunnel. So want to get closer to the helper where the Boy allegedly was, were reported by several Spanish media, including “La Vanguardia” and “El País”. This is the “safest Option,” said the government delegate in Málaga, María Gámez, according to “La Vanguardia”. You would have considered other possibilities, to dig a vertical Tunnel adjacent to the borehole.

The two-year-old is said to have fallen on Sunday afternoon during a trip with his family to the countryside in the open slot, which has a diameter of only 25 centimetres. With a camera, the helper penetrated to a depth of nearly 80 meters and found a bag with candy, who had had the child. Because earth have dissolved, the plug of the shaft, come with the camera so far, but no further forward, informed the rescue teams. The shaft is 110 feet deep.

the borehole in the province of Málaga

The police had admitted on Monday that they had “no physical proof” that the child was actually in the hole. On the basis of the information provided by the parents hear the child in the shaft would have to cry, to rule out other possibilities first though. Some experts doubted, however, that the Boy was actually there, wrote in “La Vanguardia”. The family had lost to Spanish media reports, as early as 2017, a child. The brother of the two-year-old died therefore at the age of three years.

In search of the boy, many members of the fire brigade, the police, the civil protection and other emergency services involved.


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