relatives, friends, neighbors for coming out on this Sunday to the cemetery of the neighborhood of El Palo, in Málaga, to say good-bye to the two-year-old Julen. Hundreds of people gathered in front of the cemetery buildings, many of them were dressed in dark colors, to see Videos and photos of various Spanish media.

Julen was on 13. January fell into an illegally dug 107 meters deep drill hole and died from his wounds. His fate caused a stir worldwide.

Sunday lunch and was buried, Julen. At 12.30 p.m., a ceremony that only the immediate family took part began. Then the funeral was held, to which the firefighters are involved in the salvage of Julen, such as the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo” reported.

A woman, who also came to the cemetery, told the newspaper that she had never seen so many people here. A cousin of Julens mother said she had spent the night in front of the cemetery and all the neighbours will be very grateful. “You have taken care of in all these hours.”

Saturday afternoon, the coffin of the boy had been placed in the burial hall in the cemetery. Since then, the parents had stayed there, such as the Spanish newspaper “La Vanguardia” reported.

From Saturday morning until the afternoon, five experts had an autopsy on the corpse of the child. The autopsy revealed, according to several Spanish media that Julen died the day he was dropped into the hole.


In the fall, he suffered multiple injuries. The daily newspaper “Malaga Hoy” reported that, without their sources indicate that the two-year-old to a skull-brain Trauma, died.

According to the newspaper “La Vanguardia” must have Julen in the case, hit several rocks in the borehole. In the next few days for more results of the autopsy are expected.

Málaga had thought on Saturday with a minute’s silence Julen. It was also arranged a three-day mourning.

Julen was like two weeks ago, in the illegally dug and non-selected hole, while his parents nodded in the vicinity of pick. Hundreds of engineers, police and mining experts were after the accident, round-the-clock to be able to save the kid. They were encountered again and again on difficulties in the face of hard rock.

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two years Ago, had lost the parents to a son: Julens older brother Oliver died in a walk on the beach at the age of three years, of heart failure. According to the newspaper “España Diario” Julen now be found on the same cemetery, the final resting place as his brother.

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