in the Middle of the night there was no more hope: 2.21 a.m. on early Saturday morning, the official message has been published, that the little Julen could only be recovered dead. 13 days before the two-year-old in southern Spain Totalán had fallen into a more than 100-Meter-deep hole.

According to the latest estimates by the authorities Julen crashed “in a free and quick case,” through the narrow hole around 71 meters deep. “The position of the body suggests,” said Alfonso Rodriguez Gomez de Celis, delegate of the Central government in Andalusia. An autopsy should help determine the exact circumstances of his death. The judiciary had been initiated before the days of an investigation.

“the Whole of Spain shares the infinite sadness of Julens family,” wrote Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez on Twitter. He thanked the helpers for their efforts.

the Royal house of The Monarch, Felipe VI spoke of “the deepest pain” and informed the family his condolences. The city of Málaga announced a three-day mourning, in front of the town hall of the seaside town, hundreds gathered for a memorial rally and a minute of silence. The Italian singer Laura Pausini, Hollywood star Antonio Banderas and the Spanish football Federation to languages Julens parents in the social networks consolation. In 2017, the Couple had already lost a son: Julens older brother Oliver died in a walk on the beach with three years of heart failure.

Many had hoped until recently to a “miracle of Totalán”. In the Malaga suburb of El Palo, the place of residence of the family, formed of people even on a Friday night with white and red candles and a big heart. In many churches prayed for days for Julen.

More than 300 emergency workers had worked to find the two-year-old on the hard-to-reach Cerro de la Corona. First, they discovered with the camera shots in the shaft, a bag of candy that Julen had with him; later they found the hair of the boy.

As the rescue shaft was driven in the depth of

signs of life, however, there were no. In addition, it was unclear at what depth of the hole the Boy was. (Read more here to illegal well drilling in Spain.)

engineers, police and mining experts have been working around the clock to save the boy. The experts had assured to last, and it is not impossible to find the child alive.

hopes for a happy end contracted, however, more and more every day. Especially in the case of the bore of a Parallel tunnel it had come to new delays, because the rescuers encountered extremely hard Rock. According to experts, significantly more time is available for such an action, of the more than 80,000 tonnes of earth were removed. A comparable emergency in such a depth have given it to the world.


Since Thursday afternoon, had dug, experienced miners from the Northern Spanish region of Asturias, under the most difficult conditions from the base of the parallel shaft from a four-Meter-long horizontal Tunnel to Julen. You could work for 36 hours just kneeling or lying down into two teams and fought it out with pickaxes and jackhammers through the rocks. Several micro-explosives were needed, so on Friday late in the evening, as the men parted only a few inches from Julen.

Shortly thereafter, it was then the sad certainty of how the government wrote to representative Rodríguez Gómez de Celis: “The use of force localized to 1.25 at the unfortunately, the lifeless body of the Little one.”

In Video: the end of the search Julen



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