Julen is dead, and Spain is in mourning. For almost two weeks, hundreds of emergency responders worked tirelessly to rescue the two-year-old boy from a 107-metre-deep well shaft in the village of Totalán. On Friday, they managed at last to penetrate the child. However, they could only his corpse mountains. Advance new setbacks were always gone because of the hard rock to the hard-to-reach the scene of the incident on the hill Cerro de la Corona, close to the coastal city of Málaga.

After days of drilling, the Boy was found at a depth of more than 70 meters, like the Spanish television reported. “The use of force localized to 1.25 at the unfortunately, the lifeless body of a Small,” tweeted the delegates of the Madrid Central government in Andalusia, Alfonso Rodríguez Gómez de Celiz, who parents his condolences. The Spanish civil guard wrote: “Unfortunately, we have not managed it in spite of all the efforts of so many people… rest in peace Julen.” Further details were not initially disclosed.

As the rescue shaft was driven in the depth of

rescuers had since the 13th century. January is trying to reach out to the child in the extremely narrow, 25 cm wide slot. However, there was no sign of life from him, in addition, it was unclear at what depth of the illegally in search of water dug hole it was in. However, not only the parents who had lost 2017 already has a son, had hoped for a miracle.

on Thursday evening, hundreds of residents from the village had come to a vigil to pray for the child.

the experts had assured that it was not excluded to find the child alive. However, the hopes for a happy end of a dramatic accident were shrunk with each passing Minute. Especially in the case of the bore of a Parallel tunnel it had come to new delays, because the rescuers encountered extremely hard Rock. Experts stressed, usually months be for such an action, in the case of the 40 000 tons of earth were removed. A comparable emergency in such a depth have given it to the world never, it was said.

Since Thursday afternoon, had dug, experienced miners from the Northern Spanish region of Asturias, under the most difficult conditions from the base of the parallel shaft from a four-Meter-long horizontal Tunnel to Julen. You could work for 36 hours just kneeling or lying down in Teams of Two, and fought with pickaxes and jackhammers through the rocks. Several micro-explosives were needed, so on Friday late in the evening, as the specialists were only a few centimetres away from Julen. In addition, until recently it was unclear whether the Boy would actually be in the from the experts suspected the depth of found.

The kid was like a trip with his family in the hole. In the case of camera shots, a bag of candy was discovered in the shaft, the Julen had, later hair of the boy had been found. More than 300 rescuers had been involved in the rescue work.


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