What is the sustainability of a recovery? To exchange rates safe. A fortiori, then, if it is securities, about the sense or nonsense as an investment has always been a fight. And yet, Dortmund Kommanditgesellschaft auf Aktien (KGaA) seems to be in the Borussia to fit in all: The price of BVB shares traded since October 2000, climbed in just a few days of 7,75 Euro 9,15 Euro at the close of trading on Friday.

A day later, the crew of the only stock exchange continued on a listed football company in Germany, then their high-altitude flight: For the fourth Time in a row BVB won the Bundesliga again in an impressive way. After the exhilarating 7:0 via Nuremberg, the 4:2 in Leverkusen and the 4:3 over Augsburg a long time was on Saturday, the VfB Stuttgart a chance to loose the victims of the efficient offensive machine of coach Lucien Favre: In four Games in a row, BVB scored at least four goals. Overall, Dortmund were already 27 Times successfully – as often as never before after only eight game days.

It is currently running. Maybe almost a little too well. Favre in any case, the architect of this pre-game joy, sparkling team that looked after the 4:0 (3:0)-victory on Saturday, even urged, to pour a little water into the wine. “The second half was good, but not as good. We have had something of trouble,“ said the Swiss, for the first time, everything he is concerned, with seemingly sleep: He has found, after initial difficulties, the correct tactical orientation, he changes the personnel from game to game, but the uniformity of his team does not diminish. On the contrary, she always plays better and faster. Favre will always be correct.

All this, said the Swiss, but only slightly. “If the VfB Stuttgart makes a goal, I don’t know what happened,” said Favre after the final whistle. The message he wants to convey, is clear: Even if the current Situation of the Dream convincing – in no case should not be forgotten that the structure is still fragile, which he has from the in the summer, sensibly reinforced squad formed.

And the real challenge would finally come: On Wednesday, was with Atlético Madrid in the group a favorite in the Champions League to host the game. “This is definitely a test of maturity for us,” said Sebastian Kehl, the new head of the franchise Department and is an important complementary Favre’s.

BVB-Offensive as the figurehead of the League

Perhaps the special charm that emanates from the table leader in the Bundesliga currently, but also in the (still) Imperfect, which is read from the ideas of the Black-and-Yellow. On several occasions the team had to catch up in the past few weeks, residues, several times the decision could be attributed to the late. Dortmund currently plays not only good football, but also in morality and mentality.

the appearance in Stuttgart was measured at Favre’s high standards, therefore, only due to the sovereign, had fractures. In the second half, the 3:0 was administered interval lead only and not of any respect, consistently. The Stuttgart, at the break, already demoralized, had even more possibilities. The Christian Pulisic, initiated by the substitute Maximilian Philipp 4:0-final score the completed attack in the second 45 minutes rather than the exception.

But that’s Criticizing on a high level. Because in the first section of the BVB enchanted, the 5,000 travelling Fans. There was lightning quick counter-attacks, such as the 1:0 by Jadon Sancho. After 180 seconds, the tactical Considerations of the new Stuttgart Coach Markus Weinzierl of goods can be mitigated, such as the Dortmunder force, by crosses.

the decision of The game was within two minutes: First of all, Marco Reus and Lukasz Piszczek played the Stuttgart-based coverage in the highest pace. Piszek came out of a double-pass sharp-inside – Paco Alcacer, this time, messengers, from the beginning, up – left, and Reus was able to complete (23. Minute). Shortly thereafter, it was Alcacer himself and scored with a LOB, his seventh of the Federal Ligator.

The most outstanding individualists in the Dortmund offense are currently the flagships of the League. “We had a good start, everyone has worked for everyone, we were on the point there,” said Sancho, emblematic of the new, young, naughty, Dortmund are in: 18-year-old Englishman, whose contract was extended at the beginning of the month in advance till 2022, is undoubtedly the best pace dribbler in the Bundesliga.

The new table leaders in these weeks for more good news: the national and international competition sit up and take notice. On Saturday, FC Barcelona confirmed that the Dortmund draw their option to purchase Alcacer: For 23 million euros for the striker, the set up currently, the records will be required at the end of the season. The Catalans, who had agreed to this clause in the lending business with the BVB, is already subject to harsh criticism. “Alcacer could be the historical mistake of the FC Barcelona,” wrote the Spanish sports newspaper “Marca.” The same is true all the more so, because Barca Superstar Lionel Messi will be the next few weeks with a broken arm.

Alcacer is a further Transfer, of the highlights of the Dortmund on a different level, and thus the desire of the Fans, it could be after six years of Bavarian dominance of a real title fight alive. After two years of abstinence Alcacer was also for the Spanish national team to the hopefuls: on his Comeback against Wales, he scored twice against England, he scored just 96 seconds after his substitution to score.

All of this ensures that the high-flying BVB-stops share. 18 years ago they have been traded to an issue price of eleven Euro for the first time and crashed after that, quickly and sustainably. Nine years ago, they slumped to 82 cents. It seemed as if nothing could bring the securities back to the sun: 1,85 euros at the issue price.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.