K-pop megastar BTS/Courtesy of BigHit Entertainment

BTS continues to dominate monthly ranking

K-pop superstar BTS continues to remain ahead of the pack as the perennial champion beat such strong rivals as EXO and NCT this month, according to a brand reputation analysis by the Korea Reputation Center (KRC).

The Seoul-headquartered outfit collected 62,841,316 pieces of data between July 9 and August 10 to evaluate the brand power of the country’s most prominent 30 boy teams.

The KRC compiles related data including media attention, comments on social networking sites, and people’s interests to come up with a brand index of groups on a monthly basis.

Top-placed BTS gained 14,857,210 points, down 2.49 percent from a month ago, comprising 3,290,144 on the participation index, 3,893,504 on the media activity index, 3,542,348 on the communication index, and 4,132,214 on the community index.

Runner-up EXO saw its overall index jump 18.3 percent to 5,685,904 points this month composed of 320,056 on the participation index, 2,401,280 on the media activity index, 1,507,463 on the communication index, and 1,457,105 on the community index.

No. 3 NCT’s brand index soared 43.44 percent to 2,559,612 points month-on-month as the band scored 119,944 on the participation index, 1,523,456 on the media activity index, 344,537 on the communication index, and 571,675 on the community index.

Pentagon took the fourth slot with 2,342,955 points, up 422.23 percent from a month before. The group gained 101,816 on the participation index, 1,861,120 on the media activity index, 128,267 on the communication index, and 251,752 on the community index.

CIX placed fifth with 2,251,114 points, up 842.21 percent from July by obtaining 585,408 on the participation index, 1,323,776 on the media activity index, 105,619 on the communication index, and 236,312 on the community index.

KRC CEO Koo Chang-hwan said that the data for August increased 1.11 percent compared to July.

With regard to BTS, people frequently used such words as ‘release and succeed.’ The most widely used keywords were ‘YouTube, movie and album.’ Up to 82.8 percent of comments on the group were positive,” Koo said.

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