strikes to Christmas has been averted, Deutsche Bahn, thanks to the agreement with the trade Union EVG. Now the Federal government increases the pressure on the company. “We are concerned about how the DB-Board of management the railway System. With the performance, you can’t be satisfied”, said the Representative of the Federal government for rail transport, state Secretary, Enak Ferlemann, the “world on Sunday”. A fundamental Reform of the group in state ownership was planned.

As, economically, the Deutsche Bahn is. Up to the year 2022, a financing gap of almost five billion euros, as the group chief Richard Lutz in the middle of the week had to admit. Alone, 2019 are missing, according to the Supervisory Board, EUR 2.2 billion for much-needed investment.

“The railway restructuring”, cited the “doublet” Ferlemann. “We expect that the Board of management of the Federal government to submit, by March, corresponding to the concept,” said the CDU politician. Thus he confirmed the information corresponding to the MIRROR.

report: More than 500 million euros for external consultants

The calls for reform, the rail-to-peak, will have to meet in the future, but probably with significantly less external Expertise. After the costs of consultants would be according to “Bild am Sonntag” in the past three years, more than half a billion euros, summed up, have rail chief Lutz moved in for 2019, with an upper limit. According to “BamS”, “a budget cover of 100 million euros”.

This year it should be, therefore, again more than 150 million euros. Torsten autumn, FDP Chairman of the transport Committee, told the newspaper that “the strategy deficit in the DB group” not by expensive consultants to solve.

As necessary, the group has a restructuring, state Secretary Ferlemann in the “WamS”. There is below the Holding-stock companies with boards of Directors and Supervisory councils, “who decide to pass each other and against the interests of the other DB companies”.

The criticism of the railway has increased in the past few weeks. Only on Saturday the head of the Swiss Federal office for transport (BAV), Peter Füglistaler, quality defects, and too little investment at Deutsche Bahn, criticized led to problems on one of the most important European routes. The Federal court of auditors, in turn, had accused the Federal government lack of control of the state group. Therefore, much of the course upon the receipt of the infrastructure is wrong, despite the increase in Federal funds. The railway rejected the criticism of the auditors. stuff

the holes in the railway budget, wants to put the CSU-led Ministry of transport of Andreas Scheuer significantly more tax money in the group. But according to SPIEGEL information, is it within the Federal government dispute. The financial as well as economic Ministry would like to see the sale of daughter companies, as it was called from the Supervisory Board in circles.

Secretary of state: decisions of the Board of management does not penetrate through

this is Perhaps also due to the fact that the state Secretary Ferlemann from the Ministry of transport complained, according to the “doublet”: The level of management below the Executive Board block efficient management structures. “Decisions of the Board remain to hang in there and not penetrate to the staff to implement it. And criticism and suggestions of the workforce, it does not create the clay layer of middle management to the top management of the group.”

politicians from the SPD and Opposition, as well as the railway Union EVG seem to be generally willing to talk about a group tag. Carsten Schneider, the first Parliamentary Secretary of the SPD group in the Bundestag, said the “doublet”: In the individual companies to Think in boxes and front gardens must stop sharing””.

at the end of November, agreed to by the members of the Supervisory Board of the state group in a two-day retreat, yet already have a higher expenditure for the railway. They warned at the same time, but in clear words improvement. Deficits must be eliminated and opportunities “to rapidly and systematically tackled”.


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