In the Internet shows Ana Caroline Campagnolo, 27, with a gun in his Arm. However, their favorite weapon is the mobile phone: With mobile phones in Brazil, the students should film their teachers, if they are in the classroom, “politically or party-colored critique” practiced in the elected right-wing President, Jair Bolsonaro, recommended the young woman at the end of October on their Facebook page.

The students should write down the instructor’s name, the date and location of the school and the Material to your employees. For years, Campagnolo fights, from your point of view on the left of ideological lessons and sex education, in violation of “decency,” to banish from Brazil’s schools.

Earlier it was ridiculed as an extreme right-wing outsider. However, in October the glowing Bolsonaro was elected as a supporter, as a Deputy in the regional Parliament of Santa Catarina. Now you, as a Minister of education of the southern Brazilian Federal state in the conversation.

witch-hunt on all that is supposedly Left

“Escola sem partido” (Party school) is called the concept of a supposedly “ideology-free education,” the propagation of Campagnolo and their followers. Under Bolsonaro, the witch-hunt on all that is supposedly Left-wing government policy. The Ex-military to appoint the ultra-conservative philosophy Professor Ricardo Vélez Rodríguez as the Minister of education, a native Colombian, has co-developed the idea of the “party school”.

The public call for the denunciation is part of a rights Revolution, with the help of Brazil’s President-elect of the state schools and universities ideological and want to change. This is because the educational institutions are considered to be strongholds of the resistance against Bolsonaro. During the election campaign it came to the Unis to riots between his supporters and rather left to students.

Religious fundamentalists have in the future government Bolsonaro, to drive forward the project “Escola sem partido”. The future Minister of education, belongs to the conservative wing of the Catholic Church; among the most Trusted Bolsonaros, who is himself a Catholic, ultra-right Evangelical preacher.

Bolsonaros world-in quotes “I’m for torture. And the people also.”

Jair Bolsonaro, in 1999, in a TV interview

“The error was torture, and not to kill.”

Bolsonaro about the military dictatorship in June, 2016 in an Interview with the radio station Jovem Pan

“elections will change in this country, absolutely nothing. It will only change if there is a civil war, of the power, what did the military government. 30.000 Corrupt shoot, beginning with Fernando Henrique Cardoso.”

in 1999, in a TV Interview; Cardoso, was the first democratically elected President after the end of the military dictatorship in 1985

“In memory of Colonel Carlos Alberto Brilhante Ustra, the horrors of Dilma Rousseff”

in 2016, the vote on the impeachment of the left President Dilma Rousseff, the Colonel Ustra was tortured

“tortured The poor snake”

in 2015, in an Interview with Miriam Leitãos son Matheus Leitão net – the journalist Miriam Leitão was during the military dictatorship and naked in a room with a snake

imprisoned”, There will be a in Brazil, never-before-seen cleansing.”

In October 2018 in a speech to supporters

“Let us the supporters of the labour party to mow down!”

Bolsonaro in the election campaign in 2018 – with a camera tripod he imitated a machine gun

“Lula – you’re in your cell to rot.”

In October 2018, the imprisoned Ex-President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

“If these people want to stay here, you have to throw our rights under. Or you leave the country or go to jail. These red bandits are exiled from our Fatherland.”

In October 2018, supporters of the Left

“I have not the slightest doubt that I would close the Congress. I would perform on the same day a fall.”

Bolsonaros answer to the question, what to do, as President, would not pay – in 1999, in a TV Interview

“I would men and women the same salary. But there are also many competent women.”

in 2016, in a TV interview

“I would not rape you because you’re worth it.”

in 2003, not love in the chamber of deputies to the Parliament member Maria do Rosário

“I could have a gay son. I’m not going to be hypocritical. I would prefer that my son died in an accident, than that he shows up here with a guy with a mustache.”

in 2011, in an Interview to a magazine

“There is no risk, because my sons were well behaved.”

in 2011, would be in a television interview on the question of how he will react when one of his sons in a black woman

would fall in love “When I see two men kissing on the street, I will beat you.”

in 2002, in an Interview

“don’t do anything. I don’t think they are good for reproduction.”

in 2017, after the visit to a Quilombo, a traditional Black settlement

“God about everything. I don’t want a secular state. The state is Christian and the minority that is against it should go. The minorities were the majority.”

in 2017, at a conference

“I’m going to the fate of the country.”

After his victory in the runoff election ums President

The fundamentalists, it’s not just about the fight allegedly left ideas, they want to banish, especially human sexuality and gender topics from the lessons. “Do you think that the gender discussion is the devil’s work,” says the historian, Marlene de Fáveri.

The respected history Professor is the first victim of the witch hunt. Five years ago, she had agreed to supervise the master thesis of a former student of Campagnolo. Topic: “The history of the sexes”. However, the strictly Catholic student fell out over quickly with your Professor: you accused her publicly to propagate feminist theories and gender discussion to ideologize.

“scandal planned from the beginning”

Finally, she sued her Professor because of “ideological persecution and religious discrimination” in court. As evidence, she cited a book by the German theologian and feminist, Uta Ranke-Heinemann, who had been recommended to de Fáveri you for reading.

Campagnolo lost in the process, but she had reached her destination: The dispute made headlines, she was known throughout the country. “They had planned the scandal from the beginning,” believes de Fáveri. “It was the beginning of their political career.”

In July, Campagnolo appeared as a guest speaker on the “First anti-feminism conference” in Rio de Janeiro, was organized by a former women’s rights activist, was run to the extreme Right over. At the event in the side room of a Church, it was primarily the fight against abortion. At the same time, ultra made the right women campaign: in Front of the entrance they sold Bolsonaro-T-Shirts.

fear of Attacks

“next, the Bolsonaro-people will argue that the theory of evolution is banished from the classroom,” is afraid of historian De Fáveri. For 28 years, she teaches at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, in Florianópolis. She is the author of the award-winning standard work on the Nazi past of the Federal state. Fascist ideology was not widespread among the many German-born in Santa Catarina far, the NSDAP opened in the city of Blumenau, even a private office.

Bolsonaro Santa Catarina is now a test lab for the rights Revolution. In the presidential election of Ex-military in the state of about 70 percent. “Colleagues of mine were beaten up by Bolsonaro-trailers, because they wore a red shirt,” says De Fáveri.

The Professor now has Assault also fear of physical. “I thought our democracy would be strengthened,” she says. “But it is much more fragile than I thought”.

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