Several women before throwing a self-proclaimed “miracle healer” from Brazil, to have you under the pretext of a cure from depression or other diseases, sexually abused. Known the charges against the 76-year-old Joao Teixeira de Faria in a programme in the Brazilian television channel Globo.

The Dutch choreographer Zahira Leeneke mouse and nine Brazilians who want to remain anonymous, said in the TV show, you would have had with the 76-Year-old oral sex. He claimed, therefore, that this is the only way to transfer his “healing” energy to the women. Mouse said in the show, Faria had raped her also.

The newspaper “O Globo” reported later that she had even spoken with two other women with similar allegations against Faria rise up. According to all twelve women, the Attacks between 2010 and the beginning of 2018 took place in his “spiritual hospital” in Abadiânia, close to the capital, Brasília.

spirit healer rejects allegations

Faria, called Joao de Deus (Joao of God), rejected the allegations. The Website G1 released a statement of Farias’s press office. In the past 44 years, Faria had treated thousands of people. He rejected allegations of “abusive practices” during these treatments, “vehemently,” it said.

Faria is far beyond Brazil. He also has followers in the United States, Europe, and Australia. The U.S. TV presenter Oprah Winfrey had visited him in 2013, to report on his “miracles” and to pass these to the bottom of it.

in the past, the media criticized Faria. In some Reports, mention was also made of the abuse allegations. Faria has been persecuted but never prosecuted. The new allegations were made in the Wake of the global #MeToo debate against sexual Assault, has also reached Brazil.


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