A judge’s decision has aroused in the case of Brazil inhaftiertem former PräsidentenLuiz Inácio Lula da Silva hope for a release – but only for a few hours. A judge of the Supreme court of the country decided that all in an appeal from convicted prisoners must be released, the remedies are not yet exhausted.

This also applies to Lula. The lawyers of the because of corruption allegations convicted Ex-President (2003 to 2010), a filed immediately a request for release from detention. General Prosecutor Raquel Dodge has lodged an appeal against the decision of judge Marco Aurélio de Mello. The President of the Supreme court of justice, Jose Antonio Dias Toffoli, cashing in on Mello’s judgment.

according to media reports, could be dismissed on the basis of Mello’s arrangement of the country 169.000 prisoners from the prison. The judge’s decision also ensured for vortex, because it was just two weeks prior to the arrival of Jair Bolsonaro. The far-right politician had said during the election campaign that he wanted to see Lula “rot in jail”. Bolsonaro congratulated the President of the Supreme court on Twitter immediately to his decision.

The popular left politician Lula is sitting, since April, in the prison where he is serving a twelve year sentence for corruption. The now 73-Year-old was been found guilty, to be in the Petrobras scandal involved construction group OAS favors. Lula protested his innocence, and speaks of a “conspiracy,” which should prevent his candidacy for the presidential election two months ago.

Meanwhile, attorney General Dodge lifted on Wednesday new allegations of corruption against the outgoing head of state, Michel Temer. He is said to have adopted in his time as a member of Parliament a bribe of port operators. Dodge puts him on money-laundering.

In the past other corruption had been allegations against the conservative politician charged. Temer is on 1. January, to be replaced by Bolsonaro on the state tip.


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