In an open Rolls Royce, he drove together with his wife Michelle through the streets, waved to his Fans and shaped with the thumb and index finger a gun and shot into the air. In Brazil, the ultra-right Ex-military Jair Bolsonaro has been sworn in as the new President.

The 63-Year-old put on Tuesday in the Congress, his oath of office. Thus, the largest economy in Latin America is heading towards a radical change of direction. “We now have a unique opportunity for our country to rebuild,” said Bolsonaro, in his speech before the parliamentarians.

observers expect to Bolsonaros took office, a sharp shift to the right in the fifth largest country in the world. Some see him as a danger to the young democracy of Brazil. US President, Donald Trump congratulated Bolsonaro via Twitter.

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Bolsonaro, a captain of the Reserve, had expressed again and again made derogatory comments about Blacks, Indigenous, and homosexual, and the military dictatorship in Brazil praised. He has announced that no further protected areas for indigenous communities to designate and facilitate access to weapons.

The ideology of the new heads of state as “Bala, Boi e a Bíblia” (ball, animal, Bible). Evangelical Christians, nationalist military and the neo-liberal economic elite supported his election campaign. Which of the groups will indicate with very different interests during Bolsonaros term tone, however, is still unclear.

“I will defend our values and the Gender-ideology fight,” said Bolsonaro in his speech. The long-time members denigrated again and again, Gay. He prefer to lose his son in a traffic accident than to have a homosexual son, he once said.

Bolsonaro in quotes Jair Bolsonaro has always taken care of again with default against minorities, extremist slogans and expressions of support for the military dictatorship caused a stir. Some of the most controversial quotes of the new Brazilian President at a Glance.

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In his speech, Bolsonaro announced a “national Pact” to Brazil. In the next four years, the right wants to populist to the widespread corruption in the largest country in Latin America to fight crime curb and to boost the economy. To include in his Cabinet the prominent Anti-corruption investigators, Sergio Moro, and the ultra-liberal economist Paulo Guedes.

critics fear that easier access to weapons to curb violence, but is likely to exacerbate. The murder rate in Brazil is enormous: In the past year, more than 63,000 people were killed. For comparison: In Germany in the last year, about 730 homicides.


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