Shown above are Beluga golf ball line markers of Breaching Whale. Photo courtesy of Breaching Whale

Korean company’s products drawing golf fans

After the virus pandemic caught the world by surprise in 2020, people started spending money on golf instead of going abroad or just staying at home.

In particular, members of the Generation MZ began the sports. It is South Korea’s unique term referring to millennials and Generation Z, who were born between 1980 and 1995

In line with the trend, many new products hit the shelves en masse, including golf ball line markers, as demonstrated by Beluga liner of Breaching Whale.

The Seoul-based company, which was founded last year, came up with the product that adopts a distinctive design to win an award from the Korea Institute of Design Promotion.

In addition, Breaching Whale noted that it had gained a patent for its convenient design of the product.

“Our products help people mark their golf balls on the green in a convenient and easy way. They are also well known for their portability,” Breaching Whale founding CEO Lee Keon-woo said.

“An increasing number of golf players bring golf ball liners to improve their performance. We will continue to launch innovative products to meet the customer needs.”

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