Just a few hours before the start of the five-day debate on the UK’s exit agreement, has accused the British Parliament of the government, its rights to disregard. With 311 to 293 members for a Resolution voted. The BBC says it is the first Time in the history of the British Parliament that the government will be warned in this way by the deputies.

the Background is the criticism of a legal opinion of the attorney-General Geoffrey Cox on the Brexit agreement with the EU. The government had refused initially to publish the report. Also, Cox spoke out against full disclosure. It would be contrary to “the public interest” and state secrets to reveal, said Cox. Critics of the Brexit agreement, alleged that important information about the legal assessment of the deal should be withheld before on 11. December put it to a vote.

According to the warning letter gave the British government: The report will now be published, said Andrea Leadsom, a spokesman for the British Conservatives. On Wednesday, will explain the government.

The vote has no direct influence on the parliamentary debate on Brexit agreement. It illustrates, however, the voltage conditions in the Parliament. Of leaving the EU in March 2019 needs to have the Prime Minister, Theresa May, with the consent of the Parliament, to your with the EU negotiated draft. A majority of the members of the vote on may 11, however, is skeptical. December could fail. The Parliament should reject the draft text, the danger of an unregulated Brexit, with unpredictable consequences for the economy and other areas of life.

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