another British Secretary of state resigned in a dispute over the Brexit agreement with the EU. Sam Gyimah, who is responsible for research and universities announced on Friday evening via Twitter that he was going to vote on may 11. December in Parliament against the Prime Minister, Theresa May negotiated a Deal with Brussels vote. He also spoke for a second Brexit Referendum.

It is naive to believe that the EU would pursue in the negotiations on the future of relations rigorously their own interests, justified Gyimah his decision on Facebook. This showed the failure of the negotiations on the European satellite navigation system Galileo, to its military component, the UK to the EU exit should not more. London have lost his trump cards. “After we have given up our voice, our right to vote and our Veto, we have to rely to the fact that the EU is ‘best endeavours’, a definitive agreement to complete, which takes into account our national interest,” he wrote.

Gyimahs resignation sets in, the already beleaguered British Prime Minister, Theresa May. He is the ninth member of the government, resigns in a dispute over Mays Brexit-rate from the government. May touts desperate for the EU-negotiated agreement. But it seems questionable whether they can find a majority in Parliament.

the UK is expected to be on 29. March 2019 from the EU withdrawal. The agreement provides a Transition period up to 2020, in the first, everything remains as it is. Should the contract fall through in the London Parliament, the danger of an unregulated Brexit, with drastic consequences for the economy and many other areas of life.

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