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In less than 100 days to leave the UK, the EU – with or without a new agreement. The unsettled situation of hundreds of thousands of Brits living in other EU countries. Now, the Federal Republic of Germany shall have provided to the Affected generous residence rights, reported the Guardian.

Thus, the affected British was promised during an information event in the British Embassy in Berlin in a quick registration procedure, even if it should come to no Brexit Deal. The head of the foreigners ‘ authority of Berlin, Engelhard Mazanke said, according to “the Guardian”, that is still unclear is, what is the Status of the British citizens get exactly, and what documents you will need in order to apply for these.

site should be set up in January

He, however, assured that the Situation as fast as possible be clarified and the residence rights “be generous”. Therefore, it will take eight weeks, until the immigration authority may issue in Berlin for a residence permit. However, this will, at the earliest, from 29. March apply. The authorities were prepared accordingly.

An official Website of the concerned Britons can register to the middle of January to be set up. According to estimates, about 100,000 British in Germany, most of the 18,000 currently living in Berlin.

so Far the British are allowed to live and work. After the Brexit could change that. Many fear, therefore, disadvantages compared to Natives and other EU citizens, if for example, you must also request a work permit.

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From a No-Deal-Brexit would also be million EU citizens currently living in the UK. The British government has promised already that you have even after a Brexit more the right to live in the UK, to study and to work, at least for a transitional period, which is expected to apply until at least the end of 2020.

The EU Commission had spoken in favour of the member States as uniform as possible a legal residence status and pleaded for a “generous approach”. In addition, the EU should take States of the agreements on social insurance, about the health insurance.

the EU and the British prepared for the No-Deal

If a Brexit Deal is unclear. In mid-December, Prime Ministers Theresa May had failed with the attempt of the EU to force on a summit, for more concessions. In addition, she is currently fighting to a majority in the lower house for the with the EU negotiated an exit agreement, but is on the Brink. And another Referendum, this could turn the Brexit, rejects May.

The British government is already preparing for the exit without an agreement. Among other things, space on ships is to be created, in order to create medicines and other goods to the UK. In addition to 3500 soldiers are to be mobilized in order to protect in case of emergency, the institutions of the government.

the EU has already decided on emergency measures, there should be no Brexit Deal. It comes to essential issues, such as air traffic, trade and Finance.

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