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The tug-of-war to the Brexit and the fear of customs chaos also impact on Britain’s super-rich. Private bankers of the Swiss big Bank Credit Suisse have advised, according to a report by the “Financial Times” British customers, about the relocation of assets abroad think. Apparently, the bankers want to be sure that the money is in the event of a Brexits without a Deal for sure.

According to the report, contact the Banker, formatted last week, your Top customers, after Prime Minister Theresa May had postponed the vote on the Brexit Deal. In the Letter it was said that the current Chaos would have already triggered a customer rush. Many had deposited their interest to Park their assets for the sake of safety abroad. The super-rich customers were advised, therefore, that they should consider similar plans in consideration before the house of Commons in the third week of January (from the 14. January) on the Brexit-agreement vote. A Credit Suisse spokeswoman did not comment on the report of the “FT”.

accounts in the channel Islands and Switzerland

The step of the Bank is unusual. Asset managers advise not to bring your customers in, as a rule, money abroad. A number of asset managers informed towards the “FT” that it was for a Bank in a very peculiar way, in a Letter to customers, specifically to the opportunity to create assets abroad. “We would not encourage our customer to be able to do this, pull their money out,” said a Banker in the British newspaper. “Our role as advisors is to reassure our customers, instead of the hysteria fanning the flames.”

However, the clients of Credit Suisse are with your projects certainly not alone. Currently, layers of a number of British investors in their funds, according to financial circles. The “FT” reported in October that British multi-millionaires accounts in the channel Islands and Switzerland in order to bring your assets in the event of a Brexit.

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