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Michel Barnier, the Brexit-the chief negotiators of the European Union, it has been shown, in principle, ready for the renegotiation with the UK. However, the British would have to move, said Barnier in an Interview with the Germany radio. The Prime Minister, Theresa May, negotiated the contract, could not be more broken up. If, however, the British for the future, wanted something more than just a free trade zone, then you could deal with it again.

Barnier urge in addition to clear signals: “I don’t think we need more time, but we need decisions,” he said. “If the British government makes no suggestions, is it a No-Deal-Brexit.” On the eve, he had already made clear: “only against a Brexit without a contract to say that will not stop the Brexit without a contract”.

At the same time, he refused to give a time-limit of the so-called “Backstop”. This is a special solution, which should prevent a hard border between the UK and Ireland. A question had been wrestled with in the previous negotiations, bitterly. “What we have negotiated the best result we can achieve,” said Barnier.


The British had drawn several red lines and blockades built, said Barnier. They wanted to not have a single market with the EU and the European court of justice do not recognise. They rejected the free trade and movement of persons from and wanted to be independent of trade policy. “If there’s something on the UK side should move in these red lines, then Yes, we are, uh, ready to talk. I hope that this happens and that is also possible.” Concessions in relation to its basic principles, such as the movement of people, could not make the EU but.

at the same Time the Irish police force is already considering, according to the newspaper “Irish Independent”, hundreds of civil servants to the kidneys, on the border with the British province of Northern Ireland station, should it come to apply a non-Brexit. Such a measure would be discussed as an emergency measure by the police-to-peak.

Italy, Too, designs, emergency measures for unregulated Brexit: Appropriate transitional measures were compiled by the Ministry of Finance. This should ensure that, in the case of a disordered Brexit, that there are no disruptions in the financial markets. The government will put the measures by emergency decree in force, should this be required, the Department shall notify.

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