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The British Prime Minister Theresa May standing in front of the crucial vote on your with the EU negotiated Brexit Deal.

The Parliament debated since Wednesday about the difficulty with the EU-negotiated agreement and to approve on Tuesday. The outcome of the vote is uncertain, because it is not only from the Opposition but also in the own ranks of the Conservatives in the agreement is under fire since May presented it.

The Prime Minister warned on Sunday in an article for the newspaper “Sunday Express”, the deputies in front of it, about the outcome of the Brexit referendum by 2016. Those who refuse your Deal, commit a “trust betrayal” of the British population.

But even Brexit-Minister Stephen Barclay is obviously convinced at all that the Parliament will give the green light. The risk that the members of the Deal on Tuesday by a cross, was risen, said Barclay, in the BBC. It is his “challenge,” the agreement.

the leader of the opposition James Corbyn, chief of the Labour party, reiterated on Sunday that he is in favour of a second Referendum, as it is of several political organizations in the Kingdom is required.

A hard Brexit, so an exit without any agreement on the 29. March 2019, would be a “disaster” for the economy, so Corbyn on the BBC. May should fail in Parliament on Tuesday that there was a “soon” on a vote of censure. If it came to elections, was a “time for further negotiations”.

The newspaper “the Guardian” reported on Sunday that the Plan of the Labour party for a no-confidence stand a vote against the Prime Minister May: This will be a Failure Mays on Tuesday “within hours” on the way, on Wednesday the Parliament could then vote via the Labour amendment. Deputies of the party, even those that are currently ill, had been asked to be in the house of Commons present.

Amendments to Mays Deal is still possible

Mays Conservatives do not have their own majority in the Parliament chamber, with a total of 650 Seats. They are dependent on the support of the Northern Ireland party, the DUP, which opposes the exit of the contract.

Overall, May 318 required vote, the contract. Seven members of the Northern Irish nationalist party Sinn Fein, as well as the four house chairmen on. The four members for the counting of the votes, are not counted.

Until Tuesday, deputies can bring in also suggestions for Change, the separately tuned. So far, around a dozen applications.

you Should receive a request from a majority, would be the addition in the text of the Treaty, but would be non-binding for the government. Some of the proposed Amendments in terms of content, but so far-reaching that its adoption would not put to the vote result , that and the Brexit agreement as rejected apply . May. therefore, a whole series of votes, and not only a win, your agreement to get through

graphics for Brexit Deal of the negotiations, So it goes in the Brexit Poker


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