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After the devastating vote in the British Parliament advises the European Parliament in Strasbourg about the outcome. You don’t need to wait for the next decisions in the UK, said the Vice-President of the EU Commission, Frans Timmermans, in the debate in Strasbourg. “But we also have a duty to each and every possible scenario to prepare for.”

“remains A secondary outlet in the next few weeks, our absolute priority,” said EU chief negotiator, Michel Barnier. The risk of No Deal-the Brexit to be as big as ever. We will continue to work on a solution, insured Barnier, without further concessions in view. Also in the UK, particularly criticized the guarantee of an open border in Ireland – the so-called Backstop is essential. “The Backstop has to remain a Backstop, it must remain credible.”


The British Parliament had rejected the between Brussels and London negotiated Brexit agreement on Tuesday evening in a surprisingly clear way. With 432 202 votes of the members in London voted against the Deal from Theresa May.

Altmaier: In an unregulated Brexit would lose all

Even with the contract, the for the 29. March planned in UK to exit the EU far-reaching consequences. “No one should have any illusions,” said Timmermans. “The Brexit is harmful, it harms the UK, it is detrimental to the European Union.” Timmermans also quoted the Irish writer C. S. Lewis: “You can not return and the beginning of change. But you can start where you are, and the the end of change.”

Manfred Weber

the members of the EU Parliament London now on the train to be a fair outlet apply prevent great Britain from the Union. The Ball rested with the British Parliament, said the Union’s top candidate for the European elections, Manfred Weber. The CSU politician asked: “please, Please, please, tell us what you want to achieve.”

the Chairman of The liberals in the EU Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt, said that the Brexit’m – also because of party political power alley games – in a bag. The British house of Commons can only come out if all parties are starting to put the interests of the country above their own interests. “It is now time for cross-party collaboration in the UK,” he said.

The Prime Minister must, after the Failure of their Brexit deal is still on today, Wednesday, in a vote of no-confidence. In the evening (20 clock CET) decided by the Parliament, whether it deprives the conservative government, the trust. The opposition Labour party introduced the motion immediately after the vote. Party leader Jeremy Corbyn spoke of a catastrophic defeat of May and the biggest Failure of a government for the twenty years. It is, however, expected that May withstand the issue of Trust.

The Prime Minister announced plans to meet with representatives of all parties to find a way out. Next Monday she wanted to submit to the Parliament a Plan B, a chaotic Britain to leave the EU to prevent, however, too, she said.

the UK wants the European Union on 29. March, leave. If a withdrawal agreement is to be prevented, there must be till then an agreement – otherwise, it is expected, with chaotic consequences for the economy and many other areas of life.

The social-Democrat Roberto Gualtieri said in the EU Parliament: You do not know now what the wool house, but still, what would it. Required a positive majority was now. Such should not come about, would have to be the people about the Brexit interviewed.

German economy Minister Peter Altmaier called for, Britain had to get the opportunity to clarify his Position. The agreement is substantially non-negotiable, says the CDU-politician in a ZDF. It is important to avoid a unregelten Brexit. “Nobody wants Chaos and unregulated States.” To said outlet without agreement “which he would lose all in Europe.”

Nicola Beer calls for special EU summit within 48 hours

the Federal Minister of justice Katarina Barley renegotiations declined to the agreement. Britain had to ensure stability, said the SPD-politician in the Newspapers of the Funke media group. “We support the UK on his way, but renegotiations of the agreement, it is not.”

At the same time, Barley warned that a disorderly exit would have “dramatic consequences for Britain, for Germany and for Europe”. Barley has a British passport. “I am British since I was born, and I will remain,” announced she.

Green-Europe-in-chief Reinhard Bütikofer sees little opportunity, unregulated, and avert resignation. “The Alternatives are hard, but inevitable: Either article 50 withdrawn – with or without a new referendum, or it comes to a hard Brexit of the worst kind,” he said in Brussels. “Who rants now of renegotiations, is a charlatan.” Article 50 of the EU Treaty of Lisbon stipulates that the parties to the outlet negotiations can have two years time. The deadline is on 29. March 2019.

The designated top candidate of the FDP for the European election, Nicola Beer, called for an EU special summit within 48 hours. Beer said: “The situation in the UK and in the EU, after the defeat of Theresa May after the vote dramatically. The EU must immediately respond to it.” It should immediately be explored, “what steps can the EU, in order to ensure that there is an orderly Brexit and then so close relations between the EU and the UK as possible, to be able to develop”.


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