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The defeat of Theresa Mays was expected, but not to such a humiliation of the British Prime Minister. 432 British members of Parliament, including 118 from may’s own Tory party, had voted on Tuesday in the London house of the difficulty with the EU negotiated Brexit Treaty.

on the same evening, EU chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, met with the group leaders and the Brexit experts of the European Parliament. As the politicians against 22.30 clock in the meeting room R1.1 left, was the sense of helplessness is palpable. What I decided was going to be one of the few British journalists know, to the had still persevered. “Nothing at all,” said Green party leader, Philippe Lamberts. Clearly only one: “Something must be done.”

However, not in Brussels or Strasbourg – but in London. The language regime of the EU is clear: The Ball is in the British. “We are now waiting for the proposals put forward by the British Prime Minister”, said Chancellor Angela Merkel. On Monday May wants to submit to Parliament its Plan B, but it is clear that no one knows how he might look.

the EU Has negotiated well?

The EU, meanwhile, what it has since the beginning of the Brexit negotiations by exercising: you agree on a common line and holds like iron. This strategy works for two years amazingly well. Initially, the fear, the savvy London-based diplomats would play the notoriously fractious EU-countries against each other circulated in Brussels. Happened the opposite: The British policy is now in self-dissolution, while the Front of the EU 27 as a wall of granite.

But, given the Chaos in London, some in Brussels, meanwhile, a queasy feeling. It is treated in this way, maybe to hard with the British? You have lost out of sheer Pride in one’s own Unity with the great Whole of the view?

For now, a hard Brexit, a circumstance that of the members provides some of the EU-for a reality shock threatens actually. Countries such as Germany or the Netherlands are intertwined with Britain economic ties, a No-Deal Brexit could also cause you to have severe distortions. The Federal government is preparing with high pressure on such a scenario. The measures would be discussed in the competent bodies “to the part in the accelerated procedure”, – stated in an internal paper.

How long will the Unity of the EU-27?

especially the Germans, or are suspected to want to end any Deal with the British threading. Brussels diplomats, it is striking that Merkel was after may’s defeat clearly talking-ready than many of their EU counterparts. “We still have time for negotiation”, said the Chancellor. Already messages making the rounds, the Germans would press the Irish government to take a less tough stance on the controversial emergency rule for the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. German EU diplomats denied immediately: You have assured the Irish that they stand behind them.

On Thursday the Minister Heiko Maas confusion in London and Brussels, donated the outside. It is now a matter of whether the exit contract “is to be opened,” said the SPD-man on Thursday evening in the ZDF program “Maybrit Illner”. “We will need to talk to you now.” On Friday morning, the Minister for clarification on Twitter urged: “It is hardly conceivable that the termination agreement be reopened.”

Other countries, including France and Spain, see any concession to the British skeptical. The President of France, Emmanuel Macron wants to prevent the right-wing populists in their own country by the Brexit buoyancy – and are now annoyed. He wanted to turn to the Brexit-theatre, “no time to waste,” said Macron, but rather the future of the Eurozone and the European elections care about.

There is nothing the EU

The risk of Breaking the EU Front, however, seems currently unlikely, anyway. could argue A dispute about whether, and how, you should go to London, not because no one knows what concessions would be at all helpful.

For the Europeans the Situation is unusual: There is nothing to argue. Instead, they make it like the Brits: wait and drink tea. “We currently have nothing to do,” says an EU Diplomat. They were waiting for a Signal from London – and that will probably take weeks rather than days. That is because no Brexit-variant, which would also have been in Brussels a Chance, it is in the lower house, a majority in sight.

In the EU-27 is growing, therefore, the willingness to give the British more time. Thus, a shift of the exit date until the end of June is considered to be conceivable. But then the thing is complicated, because on 2. July the newly elected European Parliament convenes. The United Kingdom should be a member to have at the end of may in the elections participated, would have the Parliament in a legally shaky Foundation. Any decision could be challenged before the courts, fear of diplomats – including the choice of the next Commission President. Top officials of the EU Parliament are already planning games, such as this cliff would be avoided.

But even the extension of the negotiations is disputed. “Without that it is clear what we want to achieve, makes from my point of view it makes no sense”, said Manfred Weber (CSU), head of the conservative EPP group in the MIRROR. In addition, the British would have to apply for the extension itself and May not be insisted in the past that you want to.

In the EU, the currency is in the meantime: hold your course and not argue. “When we dissect us now,” said a Brussels Diplomat, “is the hard Brexit.”

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